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Adolf Hitler projekt
Adolf Hitler. Inhalt. Jugend Politischer Aufstieg Machtausbau bis 1939 Der Zweite Weltkrieg. Jugend. Geboren am. In Braunau am Inn in Österreich wuchs in Braunau. September 1907 ging. AB Beginn des Weltkrieges diente er freiwillig bei dem ...
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2020 11 29
Al Capone slides
Al Capone. Content. Personal information [II]. Alphonse Gabriel „Al“. [II] Criminal lifestyle. With the age. [III] Goals and Achievements. His Major goal. [IV] His Death. Cause of Pneumonia. /06/19 /english.
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2019 11 09
Elizabeth I biography
Elizabeth Elizabeth‘s biography. Elizabeth Some interseting facts about her. Some interesting facts about her. Her look. Some interesting facts about her. Virginia. Elizabeth‘s i most importantachievements. Elizabth‘s i most important ...
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2020 09 22
Elon Reeve Musk presentation
Elon Reeve Musk. Born in South Africa. For those who doesn‘t know where it is. Finding his way. Main interests - Space exploration. The Beginning. Next big project. Now he wanted to change the course of humanity. Hyperloop One.
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2018 10 04
Emilie Wapnick review
Mrs. Wapnick mentioned that she always had too many interests and she can’t choose only one. Emilie started her new hobbies with an enthusiasm, but when she realized that she got it, she got bored and took another interests. So she lived moving ...
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2019 05 28
Essay about me
My name is My name means a lot of happiness. I am from Lithuania and live in Beržėnai. I can speak four languages: Lithuanian, Russian, German and little bit English. I was born in Šiauliai, on the first of July. I am 16 years old and 1.67 ...
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2020 05 02
Famous People project
Famous People. Info. Micheal Joseph. Michael Joseph Jackson. Michael Joseph Jackson. One of Michael Joseph Jackson‘s Songs. Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809 – April. Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein was a German-born ...
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2018 10 04
Famous person Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish. Biography. Personality. Her childhood. At 11, she had begun writing and singing her own songs. What about her brother? She recorded When We Fall Asleep in her living room. Her parents. Achievements. List of awards and nominations ...
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2021 01 13
Gordon Ramsay presentation
Gordon ramsay. Werdegang. Er in Johnstone, Schottland geboren Berühmt für seine Sendung „Gordon Ramsay Chef ohne Gnade  Gastronom. Persönlichkeit. Abenteuerlich Multitalent Gesprächige Person Fokussierte und disziplinierte. Beliebte ...
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2019 10 05
How people connect with nature?
Hi, my name is ... and today I want to talk about nature’s connection with people. There are almost 8 billion of us living in this little planet called Earth, which is over 4.5 billion years old. But that doesn’t mean that the very first ...
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2019 10 29
Inspirational person: Jimmy Butler
Inspirational person. Jimmy Butler. Who‘s Jimmy Butler? Jimmy Butler is. Why does he inspire me? His story is one of the most remarkable I've heard of in my life. His awards. × NBA All-Star (2015–2018) 2× All-NBA Third Team (. Random facts ...
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2019 09 23
Jessie James slides
Jesse Woodson James. When and where did he live? He lived in. About him. Jesse James was a bank and train robber in the American Old West. The Legend Begins. Aided by an ex-Confederate soldier and newspaper editor named John Newman Edwards. ...
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2019 06 04
Michel de Nostradamus slides
Michel de Nostredamus. Biography. He was born on 14 December, and died on 2 July 1566 (aged 62When he was fourteen, he studied philosophy at the Roman Catholic School. He wrote his. Les propheties de Michel Nostradamus. Nostradamus predictions ...
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2018 10 04
Monologue - Personality and media
To begin my talk, there is a statement which is often repeated that „you can‘t understand others unless you understand yourself. In addition, it really tells truth. How can anyone understand people‘s behaviour if he can‘t even understand ...
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2020 10 11
My hobby presentation
Topics. What is kpop? Main. Korean pop. Main characteristics. Korean language More. Industry. Agencies. History of kpop. The kim sisters 1989 SM E Pop Rock Rap Indie Jazz Ballads Bubble-gum pop R&B Hip hop. My favourite group. Bts ( Bulletproof ...
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2019 09 30
Networking among people
1) Networking is the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or special interest, usually in an informal social setting. This social effect is realy important in nowadays, as we live in an age of innovation and ...
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2020 06 20
Nikola Tesla: English quiz
Nikola Tesla. Where did he born? How many sisters and brothers did he have? Who was his father? Who was his mother? What disease was he suffering? What invention he didn’t created? How old he was when move to America? Answers.
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2018 10 04
Presentation about Marie Curie
Maria Sklodowska (Marie Curie). Content. Early age New life in France New elements Husband Inventions and achievements Death. Early age. Born in. In school. Chemistry and Biology Opportunities were limited Was judged. New life in Paris. Extremely ...
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2020 01 21
Rudolph and Gabriella Schindler slides
Rudolph and Gabriella Schindler. Rudolph Schindler. Dr. Rudolph Schindler, father of modern gastroscopy. Biography. Born to an. Gastroenterology. The early application. During his stay. Schindler‘s wife. Schindler’s wife, Gabriella, was vital ...
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2020 06 10
Steve Jobs slides
Steve Jobs. Linux is a. Lifestyle. Jobs was perceived. Apple. Apple was founded. IPhone. The first iPhone. The Macintosh computer. Jobs introduced the original Macintosh computer on January IPod. The iPod is a line of portable media players and ...
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2018 10 04
Tamara Bach Vierzehn slides
Tamara Bach. Vierzehn. Gliederung. Inhaltsangabe Erzählstil Botschaft Interpretation Kurz über die Autorin Meine persönliche Meinung. Inhaltsangabe. Ein Tag im. Erzählstil. Du-Perspektive Kurze Sätze, leere Stellen Unwissenheit Kein ...
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2019 12 30
The person I admire slides
The person I admire is Gordon James Ramsay. Gordon Ramsay was. Ramsay is married. Ramsay is known for presenting TV programmes about competitive cookery and food. He admire me with being completely ruthless and striving for complete perfection. ...
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2020 10 15
William Faulkner presentation
William Faulkner. Biography – where and when he was born. Biography – His educational and family background. Biography – when and how he started writing. Biography – The genre of books he writes. Biography – His most famous book or ...
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2019 10 23
Homeless camp: The Jungle the forgotten in Silicon Valley's suburbs
Homeless camp: The Jungle the forgotten in Silicon Valley's suburbs.
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2020 03 31
Societies should value youth over age and experience
Societies should value youth over age and experience.
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2020 12 02
Famous people David Robert Joseph Beckham
Famous people. David Robert Joseph Beckham. David Beckham early life. David Beckham was born 2nd May 1975 in London. Beckham’s family. David was married. His house. His hobbie. He likes listening to music. His favorites are Jay-Z, Jonas ...
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2017 12 08
Mahatma Gandhi
He was born in 1869 in New Deli. Both of his parents were very religious. In his early age, Gandhi was deeply influenced by the religious behaviour of his mother and father. He was truthful and honest from his childhood. He was married in 1983. ...
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2017 03 13
Roald Dahl
Roald Dahl. Content. Date of birth. Main facts. Born on13 September. Family background. Born to Norwegian parents Harald Dahl and Sofie Magdalene Dahl. Career and achievements. Served in the british army (August – November 1939Most famous ...
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2017 05 22
Robinson Crusoe presentation
Vocabulary past forms of the verb. Was born. Adjectives. Quiet. Nouns. Adventure Sailor Thieves Prisoners Slaves Change captain. Choose the best question-word for these questions, and then answer them. (what/where/when/why/who). Was he. Summary ...
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2017 05 16