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Spain presentation
Location. Limits. Size and territory. Main cities and population. Spanish symbols. Language. Countries in which Spanish is also spoken. Countries and territories where the Spanish language holds. official status. Geographical features. Climate. ...
Geography, 38 pages
2016 04 18
Bigfoot and Bermuda Triangle
Bigfoot and Bermuda Triangle. Bigfoot. Bigfoot is the name given to a mythological simian. Bigfoot sighting. In the swamps. Bigfoot in Florida. The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle. According to the US Navy, the triangle ...
Geography, 15 pages
2016 01 31
Geography of Lithuania presentation
Geography of Lithuania. Area. Total 65,300 km² land 62,680 km² water 2,620 km². Neighboring countries. Poland belarus latvia russia. Coast. Lithuania is situated by the baltic sea. Climate. The climate of. Tourism. Lithuania attracts many ...
Geography, 11 pages
2017 01 09
Greece presentation (3)
Athenian Plato lived 80 years, from 427 to 347 m. It was derived from the famous family. He lived in the school surrounded by students. Plato well knew mathematics. Him being is eternal and indestructible ideas. Plato's teachings has made a huge ...
Geography, 11 pages
2016 09 29
Kaunas city
Kaunas city. Kaunas Castle. Town Hall of Kaunas. Kaunas Reservoir. Vytautas the Great War Museum. St. Michael the Archangel Church, Kaunas. House of Perkūnas. Ninth Fort. Thank you for your attention!
Geography, 16 pages
2016 10 16
Presentation about Lithuania
Lithuania. The Largest Cities of Lithuania. The President of Lithuania – Dalia Grybauskaitė. We want to present you the beauty of our country nature. National Festivals. The Song and Dance festival. Basketball - the Second Religion of ...
Geography, 24 pages
2017 02 05
Seven Wonders of the World presentation
Decorated with the most famous artists of the era bronze statues. The building had a lot of columns, on which was mounted a wooden roof. Temple served as a market place and a place of religious worship. It was attended by merchants, kings, ...
Geography, 9 pages
2015 06 14
Vilnius presentation
Vilnius. Vilnius - Lithuanian capital and largest city in the country. Vilnius will be given the name of the Vilnia River flowing through the city. Famous city location. Gediminas' Tower. Gediminas' Tower is the remaining part of the Upper Castle ...
Geography, 16 pages
2017 03 12
Zarasai city
Zarasai city history. Zarasai – located in the North-eastern part of the Republic of Lithuania. Zarasai city today. Today Zarasai is. Most beautiful destinations in zarasai. Stelmužės oak- it is one of the most beautiful places in Zarasai. ...
Geography, 11 pages
2015 05 08
Druskininkai presentation
Today I. Druskininkai is the largest and one of the most exciting resorts in Lithuania. So, the most interesting and famous places of Druskininkai. Druskininkai city musical fountain. Water, light and music show! Musical fountain is one of the ...
Geography, 15 pages
2017 02 12
Italy presentation (2)
Italy. Miss Casucci’s First Grade Class. Italy is located. It takes about eight hours to fly from New York to Italy. Rome is the capital of Italy and its largest city. Italy is a beautiful country. The Alps are located in northern Italy. The ...
Geography, 17 pages
2015 11 17
City located. Miami is a major center and a leader in finance. Miami is nicknamed the "Capital of Latin America" is the second-largest U. Economy. Miami is a. Languages. As of 2000, speakers of Spanish as their first language accounted for. ...
Geography, 14 pages
2016 03 09
Spain - Barcelona
Spain. and. catalonia. Spain. Madrid (the capital of Spain). Catalonia. Where is it? Barcelona (the catalan capital). The Sagrada Familia. Molins de Rei. Spanish people are very musical. Spanish traditional costumes. Spain is very good at playing ...
Geography, 25 pages
2016 05 09
Švedija (Sweden)
Sweden. Where is Sweden located? About Sweden’s capital. Places to go in Sweden. 1. Vasamuseet (Vasa Museum). Vasamuseet (Vasa Museum). Gamla Stan (Old Town). Kungliga Slottet (Stockholm Palace). Göteborgs Konstmuseum. Tivoli Gröna Lund.
Geography, 10 pages
2016 05 24
The Netherlands
Amsterdam, there lives 744,740 inhabitants. Rotterdam, there lives 581,615 inhabitants.The Hague, there lives 474,245 inhabitants. Utrecht, there lives 290,529 inhabitants.Festival of the flowers It’s a festival, where huge, ...
Geography, 14 pages
2015 09 29
Auerochse presentation
Auerochse. Systematik. Ohne Rang Stirnwaffenträger Familie Hornträger Unterfamilie Bovinae Tribus Rinder Gattung Eigentliche Rinder. Körpergröße. Der Auerochse war einer der größten Herbivoren im nacheiszeitlichen Europa. Auerochse in der ...
Geography, 9 pages
2018 10 04
Berlin: Die Hauptstadt Deutschlands
B e r l i n. Das brandenburger tor. Der reichstag. Der potsdamer platz. Die siegessÄule. Die Straße Unter den Linden. Der fernsehturm. Der tiergarten. Die Humboldt Universität. Die Museumsinsel. Berliner Zoo. Der Checkpoint Charlie. Berliner ...
Geography, 34 pages
2018 03 17
Brazen and Grobstas Nature Reserve
Grobstas nature reserve goal - to save a unique Grobstas landscape surroundings natural complex fragment with an active middle dune ridge, the slope situated expressive remnants, forested South American padrėkusia coastal sand plains and the ...
Geography, 1 page
2017 12 08
Chicago presentation
Chicago. As every road. Chicago map shows. For many centuries before Chicago was visited by a white man. Chicago is famous for its architecture, culture, entertainment and business. Cloud Gate See yourself. Chicago looks great from every angle. ...
Geography, 17 pages
2018 04 03
Different countries Latvia and China
If we talk about education in these countries adult literacy rate in Latvia 7 per cent higher than in China.According to statistical data, crime rate has increased in the past 3 years in Latvia which is 17 per cent more than China. ...
Geography, 1 page
2018 03 17
Drought presentation
Drought. What is drought? Drought- a prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall. Causes of drought. Dry season El Niño Erosion and human activities Climate change. Types of droughts. Meteorological Agricultural Hydrological. Great Chilean ...
Geography, 13 pages
2018 03 17
Dzukija National Park in the south of Lithuania
Location. Landscape. Things to see and do. Excursions.
Geography, 1 page
2018 03 17
Ecocity. A sustainable city, or eco-city (also "Ecocity") is a city designed with consideration of environmental impact. The crux of ecocity is to create the smallest possible ecological footprint. Practical achievement. These ecological ...
Geography, 9 pages
2018 02 19
Egypt country presentation
Egypt. A country located. Egyptian summers are. The Pyramid of Cheops. The Pyramid of Cheops - the largest of the Egyptian pyramids. Also in Egypt. Cleopatra – queen of Egypt. Cleopatra - the last queen of Egypt from the Hellenistic Macedonian ...
Geography, 11 pages
2018 10 04
Egypt presentation
Egypt has one of the longest histories of any modern country. The Nile has been the lifeline of its region for much of human history. Egyptian pyramyds built. Science in the country is mandatory and free of up to 16 years. Ra. Isis.
Geography, 6 pages
2018 01 11
Facts about England
Facts about England. Did you know that the lowest in England temperature. Did you know. Did you know that the "Big Ben” is a bell tower? Did you know that the shortest war in England was in 1896 with Zanzibar. Did you know that in England used ...
Geography, 11 pages
2018 03 17
Giraffe presentation
Giraffe large cloven-hoofed mammal common in the African savannah. The characteristic long neck, legs and bright spots on the entire body. Feed on acacia, leaves and fruits of myrrh. The male's height up to 5,5 m, weighing 800-1930 kg, female ...
Geography, 9 pages
2018 10 04
Indonesia presentation
Indonesia. Indonesia is a unitary. Islands. Indonesia consists of. People. Population of Indonesia. Culture. Each ethnic group. Cuisine. Indonesian cuisine is one of the most vibrant and colourful cuisines in the world. Favourite food. Bakpao ...
Geography, 15 pages
2018 10 04
Ireland presentation
Ireland. Contents. Ireland - is an island in the North Atlantic. Pictures of Ireland. Ireland flag. Greeting and meeting. Irish people are. Gift giving etiquette. Traditionally, gift giving in Ireland is customary for birthdays and Christmas. ...
Geography, 15 pages
2018 01 09
Köln Deutschland
Köln, Deutschland. Inhalt. Köln Stadt Kölner Dom Universität zu Köln Hohenzollernbrücke Museen. Köln Stadt. Köln - die viertgrößte Stadt in Deutschland sowie dem ersten größten in Nordrhein-Westfalen Stadt. Kölner Dom. Der Kölner ...
Geography, 8 pages
2017 12 19