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Some people think that modern technologies are of great importance to the learning process
Some people think that modern technologies are of great importance to the learning process.
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2015 09 21
Some people think that modern technologies are of great importance to the learning process. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
Some people think that modern technologies are of great importance to the learning process. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
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2015 12 09
Profesinė anglų kalba. Fundamental Concepts. Nanoelectronic Devices. Memory Storage. Novel Optoelectronic Devices. Quantum Computers. Energy Production. Medical Diagnostics. Vocabulary NR.
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2016 05 15
Company of samsung
Company of samsung. To get acquainted with the company Samsung. Work aim. International electronics Group.  Headquarters - Seoul, South Korea.  . What is Samsung and where it is located? Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938 as a ...
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2015 11 19
Advantages and disadvantages of modern technologies
Advantages and disadvantages of modern technologies.
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2016 01 14
How technology changed our lives?
Technology’s changed humans whole life. And here’s a few things that has changed. How we communicate. How we read. Our entertainment. The way we travel. Even the way we eat. A lot of inventions that improved home comfort, appliances, ...
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2017 02 26
Advantages and disadvantages of digital ages
Advantages and disadvantages of digital ages.
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2016 11 23
3D printing technology
D Printing technology. By Gražvydas Eglinas ir Sandra Andrijauskaitė MD 4/. What is 3D printing? D printing or. Materials. From Metals to Porcelain, Plastics to Sandstone, and everything in-between. How it works? A virtual design. Methods and ...
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2017 01 03
Advantages and disadvantages of technologies
Advantages and disadvantages of technologies.
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2015 05 13
Are modern technlogies essential for students?
Are modern technlogies essential for students?.
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2017 03 27
Newest technologies
Personally, I think technology has made a huge progress of the last 50 years and I believe that it won’t stop surprising and our life will change and change.. For example, the internet play a huge part in people lives. If at my home disappears ...
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2015 12 10
Positive side of technology
Positive side of technology. Contents. Medicin Food Transportation Energy Comunication Science Education Entertaiment Art. Medecin. Vaccine Prosthetic Examination gadgets Vitamins. Food. Extrusion Food Expiration Date Tracker Faster production. ...
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2016 01 12
Steve Jobs
Steven paul “Steve“ jobs (1955 – 2011). Steve Jobs was an American information technology entrepreneur and inventor. Summary of Jobs‘ life. Jobs' countercultural lifestyle. 1972 –. In 1973, Steve Wozniak designed his own version of the ...
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2016 03 21
The impact of technology
The Internet has existed for a brief span, however it's as of now hugy affected the way individuals impart. It's too early to judge how perpetual the impact of the Internet will be on society and the English task help dialect, yet it's ...
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2015 12 16
We are becoming overwelmingly dependent on our computers
We are becoming overwelmingly dependent on our computers.
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2016 02 08
What other jobs robots do in the future?
What other jobs will robots do in the future? A robot is. Short history about robot. Robots and human emotions. The jobs we will see machines taking over first. Thank you for your attention!
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2017 01 21
Do you think that electronic books will replace paper books in the future?
Do you think that electronic books will replace paper books in the future?.
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2017 12 08
Modern technology
Secondly, the internet provides a lot of possibilities to read books online for free. So, teenagers and adults can read it everywhere. Smartphones or tablets are suitable for carrying and using in various situations, like traveling by bus, ...
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2017 03 05
Advantages and disadvantages of TV
First and foremost, let us look at the positive side:Furthermore, the information is accessible to everyonee regardless of the country or place the viewers live in.What is more important, the viewers who cannot afford such things as ...
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2017 12 19
Creative industries
Creative industries. What Are the Creative Industries? The question of identity and its relation to Creative Industries. The Emergence of the Creative Industries. The example of IBM. Microsoft. Infrastructure - Connectivity - Content - ...
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2017 12 08
Digitalisierung im Alltag
Heutzutage immer mehr Dingen sind mit Computer verändert – Digitalisiert. Es macht unsere Leben leichter, trotzdem vielleicht macht es auch uns faulenzer? Dies führt zu der Frage – soll unsere Lebenswelt digitalisiert werden?In den ...
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2018 02 19
Drones presentation: An intresting technological invention
An intresting technological invention. Drone. Work done. GL16D. What is a Drone? Drone is an aircraft without a human pilot. Can enter environments. Disadvantages. Drones can be considered an invasion of privacy. Conclusions. Drones don’t need ...
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2018 03 17
Inventions presentation
Inventions. Slide – Inventions, 4 slide – Facsimile (fax). Content. An invention is. Fax is the telephonic transmission of scanned printed material (both text and images). The first fax machine made Alexander Bain in. Intresting facts about ...
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2018 01 23
Journeys in product Development
Figure 0. Evolution of digital technologies. Journeys in product Development. Most product designs fall under one of two categories demand-pull innovation or invention-push innovation. Design expression comes from the combined effect of all ...
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2017 12 08
Maersk. About. Maersk Line is. History of maersk. Peter Mærsk Møller. Company stucture. Containerisation. Containers. Maersk Container Industry has made a business of making world trade more efficient. Terminals. Physically moving the. ...
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2017 12 19
Introduction. Discussion. History of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology in medicine. Nanotechnology in engineering. Nanotechnology in computing. Future of nanotechnology. Conclusion. Bibliography. Glossary.
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2017 12 19
Nanotechnology in Sports
Nanotechnology in Sports. Where We Are. In the Midst of a Debate. Impact of Nanotechnology on Sporting Equipment’s. Market Potential. Human Ability versus Technology Doping. Conclusions.
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2018 02 19
Pick-to-Voice. Increased Productivity, Accuracy and Flexibility. Rather than communicating visually via paper or computer monitors. Pick-to-Voice ensures an ergonomic and efficient pick sequence. Where it fits. Voice picking systems. Due to the ...
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2017 12 19
Technological card for wall panels
Wall panels are mounted immediately after shipping to avoid storage. By the end of the work day if there are panels that are not yet mounted, they must be unloaded and stored accordingly. Panels are brought to the site in a vertical up right ...
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2017 12 08
Technology today has made revolution in human life
Technology today has made revolution in human life. Everything changed, daily life becoming more easier and human live much longer
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2018 02 19