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Whether online communication is good or bad
Whether online communication is good or bad.
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2016 12 10
Communication in business
Communication in business. Concept of communication. Communication has several uses in business. To inform. To motivate. To interact. To control. To respond. You have to remember that people don’t. The same way. We all see different. Everything ...
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2021 04 05
Communication Technology paper
Communication Technology. Introduction. Advantages and Disadvantages. Legislation Pertaining to ICT use in Ireland. Conclusion.
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2019 03 06
Telecommunications presentation
All telecommunications comes down to. Processors and Control Software. Terminal. Processors and Control Software. Terminal. Media. How are infrastructures. Let’s talk. Want to talk to someone else. TCircuit switched” Dedicated line. Company ...
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2017 12 19
Challenges of the new communication age
To begin with, I want to give a great example of technology damage for us. Everything started when I had my first smartphone .So I was communicating with one person like a year ago. We were chatting on facebook almost everyday and this person ...
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2017 02 12
On other side of world countries like USA or Germany handwritten letters are used as application to new job,because in employers eyes your intelligence are a lot higher because everyone can press few buttons on computer to send an ...
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2017 03 23
Effects essay Telecommuting
Despite the possible effect of telecommuting in the future, there could also be a negative effect. A person cannot closely interact with his colleagues by working alone. This might lead to distrust in others work and even quarrels because people ...
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2016 01 27
Green ICT report
This report was requested by the Managing Director and has been compiled to investigate and report on the benefits of being “green” to the environment and the organization, and to reach conclusions on a range of “green” issues which ...
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2016 04 14
How social networks influence our life?
Secondly, the other drawback of social media like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram is that the main purpose of these sites is connecting with other people, but we don’t use them only for that. The real problem is here. It starts, when we begin ...
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2016 03 15
Should students be allowed to have cellphones in elementary and high schools?
Should students be allowed to have cellphones in elementary and high schools?.
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2017 03 23
Should teenagers have mobile phones?
All in all, I think teenagers don't need mobile phones because then they don't see the world around them, spend all the time in them and when they have mobile phones increase chance that they'll be hurt from bad people.
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2016 11 02
Speak about networking and referrals
In my opinion networking is the system of sharing information and services among individuals or groups having a common interest. And referral is a recommendation given by one company or individual to another for good results. In fact, connection ...
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2017 01 30
The first phone
The first mobile phone appeared in 1983. This was the first portable phone, has been awarded the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X "name.  Mobile phone weight - 785grams.Lithuania first telephone line was built in 1882 by ...
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2017 06 07
Verbal and nonverbal communication
Face expressions Facial expressions are the universal language of the non-verbal element, which, regardless they emotions of cultural differences,.Gestures In the subjective environment, the hand gestures is a common element used at the ...
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2016 03 30
Media and communication
As I have mentioned before, during the last few years my interest in one of the fastest – growing global economies has evolved enormously. I spend a part of my free time with different people organizing or volunteering in ecological and musical ...
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2015 11 12
About Communication
Communication. Prepared by. What is communication? Communication is. the first instrument that humans used in their process to socialize. Importance of communication. If you are. Categories of communication. There are various. Barriers of ...
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2015 11 11
Antennas and satellites broadcasting
Introduction. Telecommunications engineering. Antennas and transmitters. Broadcasting antennas problems. Satellite television. Communication satellites. Summary. Information sources.
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2017 05 29
Comunication and its forms
Communication and its forms. What is a communication? Communication is the process of exchanging information. Verbal communication Non –. Different forms of communication. Verbal communication. Verbal communication si communication by ...
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2017 01 16
History of the Phone
History of the Phone. Development of telecommunications in society. Early History. Early 1870’s Alexander. 1890’s. “Candlestick” receiver phone Beginning of networks Manual connections & operators. 1960’s. 1960’s beginning of. ...
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2017 05 02
Mobile Phone presentation
Mobile phone. When was invented? In the 1983 was released the first portable mobile phone „Motorola TAC8000X“. When did it start to be used? Since 1985 mobile phones was started to be used. Advantages. With mobile phone you can make and ...
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2017 02 06
Mobile Technologies
Mobile Technologies. Challenges and Case Studies. Outline. Device for voice communication. Everyday life‘s tools. Mobile applications. Interactive Digital Art - TelcomGallery. Mobile devices as remote control. Advantages of mobile devices. ...
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2015 11 08
Topic. Network. Central office. A central office. Co pop handoff. Star Configuration. A communications network in which all communications between any two points must pass through a central node ...
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2015 12 20
Network security
Network security. Simply rules. Better safe than sorry. Strange but true. Keep your Email safe. Keeping your data safe. Cyber Cafes can be harmful to your data’s health. Wireless networks. Best practices. Final reminders.
Communication, 11 pages
2017 03 28