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Cinema My favourite film genres
Next, I'm more fond of going to the cinema than watching films at home for a few reasons. First, at the cinema there is a wide variety of special and sound effects. Also, a big screen which makes the whole watching process more entertaining and ...
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2017 12 08
Entertainment Films Festivals essay
Me as a person I like to spend my free time by doing something productive, I hate just sitting at home doing nothing. I enjoy doing sports, and sports are a big thing in my life because when you train/play for 1 to 2 hours, it makes me incredibly ...
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2020 01 18
Film review "Lucy"
The heroine is Lucy, a woman tricked into working as drug mule by her new boyfriend. In my brother's opinion this situation was unconvincing and this guy couldn't force main actress into bringing the briefcase to Mr. Jango so easily, but I should ...
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2016 11 18
„Golden Globe“ Awards presentation
„Golden Globe“ Awards. The Golden Globe Awards are for films and television. Award categories. Best film (dramaFirst Golden. Golden Globes ceremony happens every year on January few days before the Oscars.
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2019 05 08
„Hacksaw Ridge“ - Film review
The film Hacksaw Ridge is set in World War II times. The story begins in 1944 when young man Desmond Doss understood that he need to serve his country. Strangely, my friends weren’t very satisfied with the film. In a conclusion, for me, it was ...
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2018 02 19
„Home Alone“ film review
The plot goes as follows : The whole family of McCallisters is preparing to fly to Paris for the Christmas holiday season, Kevin accidentaly ruin the family dinner and gets sent to the attic as a punishment for him. At night time a wind damages ...
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2020 11 18
„Now You See Me“ film review
Last night I watched Now You See Me on TV. It's a mistery thriller which stars actors like Dave Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Isla Fisher.The film is about a group called The Four Horsemen. It was created by four incredible ...
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2018 12 13
A film review
A film review. Writing strategy. We use however to express contrast between two sentences. Write a film review of a film you saw recently. Basic facts (. A review of paul (exampleLast week. The characters of Graeme and Clive are interesting ...
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2019 05 10
A film review „The lion king“
In 1994 in Mexico, the premiere of the great cartoon directed by Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers "The Lion King". This is a story about the inhabitants of the African savannah, who are no worse than people familiar with love and friendship, betrayal ...
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2020 06 08
A film review of a Star is Born
The characters of Jack and Ally are interesting because they change during the film. At the start, they were sincere to each other, but later they real qualities were revealed. Ally pursued her dream and purpose. Jack was weak and unconfident.
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2019 05 03
Best film essay „Lord of the rings“
It is an epic adventure film directed by Peter Jackson on the book of J.R.Tolkien. Its first part -The Fellowship Of The Ring-the world. It was lost in the battle years ago, but then accidentally found by the young hobbit Frodo. The fate ...
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2018 12 10
Bram Stoker‘s „Dracula“
Dracula. Content. Bram Stoker‘s „Dracula“ About. Bram Stoker‘s „Dracula“. Published in 1897 „Dracula“. About the author. Born in November. Bram Stoker. Modern day refrences. There are about. „Dracula“ or „Nosferatu“. ...
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2018 10 04
Catharsis in movies
I bet most of you know this man (picture). Exactly, this is a 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen from the animated movie “Up” by Pixar. In the film, Carl travels to Paradise Falls, which is a large waterfall located in Venezuela. (Picture). The ...
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2019 12 12
Comedy film presentation
Comedy film. What is comedy? Comedy film. Parody or spoof film. Slapstick. Satire and farce. Fantasy comedy. Black comedy. Romantic comedy. Screwball comedy. Adventure comedy. Action comedy. Horror comedy. Thank you for your attention.
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2018 03 22
Disasters and accidents in films
Disasters & Accidents in Films. “The Day After Tomorrow“. Jack and his friend. Jack’s son. When the storm started. The tornado and tsunami. “The Impossible”. When Tsunami started. Maria, her oldest son Lucas and his brother. The ...
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2020 06 08
Do you think that men and women have different tastes in films and TV programs?
Essay: men and women have different tastes in films and TV programs?
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2018 12 17
Documentary film description „Searching for a Sugar Man”
Documentary „Searching for a Sugar Man”.
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2019 06 17
Essay about film Wonder woman
The action is taking place a lot of years ago, when woman did not have rights to vote. They were only to raise kids and be housewife. In film there was a scene, where Diana came into place where women was not welcome. It was strange to her how ...
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2019 05 08
Essay about Theatre
Next, I agree with the idea that every town should have a theatre, for a couple of reasons. First, everyone should be able to see at least one performance during the year on theatre. For instance, if the nearest theatre is 60 kilometers away not ...
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2019 03 27
Festivals in the USA, UK and Lithuania
Finally, although United States of America has a great history of native Americans religions and rituals, both Lithuania and United Kingdom has big roots of paganism and pagan festivals which remained until nowadays.
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2018 01 09
Film „Deadpool“ presentation
Deadpool. About Deadpool. Deadpool is a 2016 American superhero film directed by Tim Miller and written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Actors. It is the eighth installment in the X-Men film series. Plot. In the film. Antihero. An ...
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2018 12 13
Film „Escape room“ slides
Escape room. Why i choose this movie? Choose this movie, because it fascinated for me. About movie. Espace room is. This movie is. In Chicago. Story and actors. Is this film is true? In Poland.
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2019 06 11
Film analysis: Capernaum by Nadine Labaki
Capernaum (“Chaos”) is a poignant drama movie made in 2018, written and directed by Nadine Labaki and shot by Christopher Aoun BVK. A non-professional actor Zain Al Rafeea in his major film role, as a poor, undocumented, 12-year-old boy, ...
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2020 10 09
Film censorship in China
Western world highlights importance of liberty and freedom of speech. Unfortunately, not all countries around the globe have gained these rights. According to the media in western countries freedom of choice, expression and speech is still ...
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2019 12 02
Film presentation „Flipped“
A film REview. Movie flipped. Flipped is a. Plot. In the year 1957, when second-graders Bryce Loski and Julianna "Juli" Baker first meet. My personal thoughts. Honestly love. My favorite quotes. “Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin. ...
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2020 04 02
Film presentation: The Princess diaries
The Princess diaries. Content. General information about the film Plot Main characters Script Other details. Vocabulary. Royal Engagement- karališkosios sužadėtuvės Predictable- nuspėjamas Heir throne- sosto paveldėtojas Entertaining- ...
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2019 03 02
Film review „Alpha“
Last week we watched a film called Alpha. The film is directed by Albert Hughes. I can't say the movie genre exactly, but according to Wikipedia it includes action, adventure, drama and detective. This story was engaging and interesting for me. I ...
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2020 04 18
Film review „Avengers“
I must admit, I had doubts about seeing Avengers. Infinity war. I personally don’t enjoy watching films of Marvel, but when it came out in 2018 and received many rave reviews, I decided to watch it and it was quite appealing to watch.The ...
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2019 05 08
Film review „Iron mask“
First thing that everyone trying to solve is why this character keep his face under the mask. Main reason that film say why he keeps his face under the iron mask is that the Man in the Iron Mask was the twin brother of King Louis XIV. The film ...
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2019 05 15
Film review „Peter Rabbit“
Under the unbelievable and fascinating scenes, the strength sight of this film is that love and attention could be reached without agression and fightings. However, this film has one weakness: language is mild overall but includes insult words ...
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2018 12 17