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Marketing case study
As well there is various factors which have impact on choosing channel strategy. One of them dynamic environment, which is all changes over time who could have effect on product. ( For example, one of the Claire’s chocolates customers are ...
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2016 10 27
Business plan example Ehrle
Table n. 1 – Daily numbers of washes in carwash and at home in Aalborg AreaOnce we have found out daily demand of washes in Aalborg Area, we can assume how many of customers we could attract. We assume that with good location of the ...
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2016 10 10
Final marketing work
,,Migle" is a popular sweets producer in Lithuania and well known candy brand among Lithuanian consumers. ,,MIGLĖ's'' candies - milk chocolate candy flavoured with chips and with the glaze.By analysing all the statements and levels such ...
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2015 11 14
Marketing concept (2)
Macro environment (economic) Examples related to the case study: Recession. Demand for chocolates are higher than supply availability, which will cost a deficit within the next 6 years.Micro environment (competitors). Example related to ...
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2016 04 14
International marketing
International marketing. International marketing is the application of marketing principles in more than one country. In simple words. International marketing is. Language barrier. Due to a. Stages Of International Marketing Involvement. No ...
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2015 10 01
Advertising is a fast growing industry Is this a positive or negative development?
Advertising is a fast growing industry. Is this a positive or negative development.
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2018 03 17
Advertisement. What it is? Types of advertising. Newspaper advertising. Magazine advertising. Radio advertising. Television advertising. Outdoor and transit advertising. Direct mail advertising. Catalogues and leaflets advertising. Cell phone & ...
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2017 05 15
Christian dior marketing campaign
Christian Dior Marketing Campaign. Content. Biography Slogan Company Demographics Products Price Promotion Conclusion. Biography. Founded in. Slogan. “True Luxury requires genuine materials and the craftsman’s sincerity. Company Demographics. ...
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2016 05 11
Consumer survey on adidas
Are commercials influenced by you in the world’s biggest cities?It would influence me, because commercials are more colorful, prettier, more interestingI would not be influenced, because I’am not interested in company ...
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2016 05 19
Presentation about Marketing
Prezentation. Marketing. Made by. What is marketing? Marketing is the study of management of exchange relationships. Marketing research. Information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems. History of Marketing. History ...
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2017 12 08
Speak about marketing
Speak about marketing What is customer relationship management? Explain product-focused and customer-centric marketing Why is the customer always right? Why do female customers are taken into account and what do women really want?.
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2017 01 30
Digital marketing for JS technologies
So the JS technologies offer to install the tablets, card readers, a computer and a printer to the catering institutions in order to boost up the service, boost up morale of the visitors, increase the turnaround of the clients and as a result ...
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2016 11 06
Marketing environment
This particular company is highly related with media, citizen-action, general and internal publics. These specific groups are very important and they have impact on Primark’s ability to achieve its objectives. The company actively communicates ...
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2017 12 08
Advertising agencies presentation
Advertising agencies. What is it? Firm that creates new promotional ideas. Types. Full service Creative Specialized Interactive Media buying. Ogilvy & Mather. Build the future - LEGO. McCann Worldgroup. YoursTruly – L’OREAL campaign. Havas. ...
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2019 02 18
Advertising Idioms - slogans
Advertising Idioms/slogans. Classical in its modern”. Meaning if the costumers likes something that have an classic style for their furniture, they have to. Meaning the word “love” is identical with a loyalist. If somebody loves someone or ...
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2019 01 07
Analyze and present marketing
Marketing. Aim. Analyze and present marketing. Objectives. Understand the benefits of Marketing What are the Marketing research. The process by. The benefits of Marketing. Marketing Mix. Conclusions. Marketing-business system comprising planning. ...
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2018 10 04
Background information about Zara company
Background information about Zara. Brand positioning. Brand identity prism. Brand equity. Recommendations. References.
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2019 05 10
Branding terminology
Brand Audit. Brand Equity. Brand Equity Strategy. Brand Essence. Branding Excellence. Brand Identity. Brand Image. Brand Loyalty. Brand Management. Brand Mapping. Brand Personality. Brand Positioning. Brand Positioning Statement. Brand Power. ...
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2019 04 03
Brands in marathons
Plan. Introduction Brands in the largest Lithuania‘s marathons. Facts. First held in 1990 In 2017- 14500 runners. First held in. About 50000 runners from 100 different countries. First held in 1974 Last weekend of September.
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2018 10 04
Children advertising marketing analysis and talk
Good morning, everyone! Today we are discussing an issue of concern related to children advertise. Being a complex concept, we decided to divide our talk as follows: I as the first speaker will talk about the reasons, why children should not take ...
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2020 06 27
Coca-cola advertisement film „Happiness factory“
Coca-cola advertisement film „Happiness factory“ .
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2019 03 13
Costa coffee brand audit
Functional needs vs. Emotional and Psychology needs. Brand values and their effect on brand choice Functional value – the utility perceived from the brand’s functional capability. Conditional value – the perceived utility from a brand in a ...
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2019 04 03
Creativity marketing in events
Creativity marketing in events portfolio. Rewarding team , not individual. Provide team resources. References online documents.
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2019 05 18
Custom ambient lightning for cars analysis
Macro economy analysis. Macro-environment analysis. Competitor analysis. Overview of existing competitors. Swot analysis for created product. Conclusions. Sources of information. Table 1 Factors determining the product (compiled by the author). ...
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2018 12 19
Developing effective web platforms
Developing effective web platforms. Things you need for development Plan Time Financial resources. The process. Collecting information Design and navigation structure Content Programming Usability testing Efficiency measurement Improvement. ...
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2019 12 11
Digital marketing
What is a product manager? Product manager responsibilities and skills. Business / viability. What is the workplace of a Product Manager like? What is the difference between a marketing manager and a product manager? The Hardest Part of Product ...
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2019 05 30
Digital marketing strategy
Introduction. Situational Analysis. Market Analysis. Market Needs. Swot analysis. Customer Journey. Competitors. Critical Issues. Digital marketing strategy. Positioning. Competitor analysis. P’s. Product. Strategy. Content strategy. Website. ...
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2019 06 10
E-commerce and digital marketing slides
E-commerce. digital marketing. Presentation map. What is E-commerce? Types of E-commerce Models. Examples of E-commerce. Retail E-commerce sales worlwide2014. How e-commerce related with. digital marketing ? Awarness. Interest. Retargeting. ...
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2019 06 04
Essay: Hyde Park - Winter Wonderland marketing aspects
Hyde Park Winder Wonderland. Magical Ice Kingdom. Bar Ice. Giant Wheel. Circus Shows. The Sooty Christmas Show. Cinderella On Ice. Full time students. Hyde Park and Kensington Friends. How can i purchase a ticket. Customers comments about prices ...
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2019 04 03
Essentials of Marketing
Essentials of Marketing. Project analysis slide. Market. The common usage of market means a place where goods are bought or sold. A place where buying and selling take place. Marketing is a human activity to satisfy needs and wants. The aim of. ...
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2019 12 05