CNC machines project

New technologies in my specialization. Introduction. What is Mechanical Engineering. Old machine tools. New machine tools. List of machines. CNC Cutter Machine. CNC Drilling Machine. CNC Welding machine. CNC Surface Grinding Machine. CNC Belding machine. Future of cnc. Conclusions. Sources.

Mechanical technology engineering is my specialization. In this presentation I will tell you what is the difference between an old and a new machine tools. I will talk about what kind of new technologies we use in mechanical engineering.

CNC Cutter Machine; CNC Drilling Machine; CNC Welding Machine; CNC Surface Grinding Machine; CNC Bending Machine.

This type of machine can be used to cut with a knife or mill. Both cutting machines have attachments. Both can cut metal faster and work are always perfect but I like milling more than cutting with a knife.

This machine use drill. CNC gives drilling machine speed so she can drill holes very fast and made it with high quality.

Welding machine can combine even the smallest gaps. These machines are more safer than handbags machines and more focus on eye safety.

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