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One of the most severe nature disasters essay
Equally important to mention is what are the main possible ways to take care, to stay safe and possibly to avoid the life losses. There are plenty of books and articles on the internet who are written about how to survive an avalanche. This is a ...
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2019 05 27
Pipeline transport presentation
Pipeline transport. Content. History Growth Commodities Advantages and disadvantages Types of pipelines Preventative maintenance Safety Examples. History. Originally used to. Growth. Network grew steadily. Commodities. Oil à number. Advantages. ...
Engineering, 12 pages
2018 12 13
Presentation about Fire fighting Equipment
Fire Fighting Equipment. Maritime English Vocabulary Practice. Fire fighting equipment classification. Fire main and foam systems. Drenching system. Sprinkler system. Hi fog (water mist) system. Fire extinguishers. Extinguishing agents. ...
Engineering, 17 pages
2019 04 05
Presentation about Fuel oil system
Fuel oil system. The fuel oil system for a marine diesel engine - Internal combustion engine procedure. Fuel oil transfer system. Fuel oil supply for a two-stroke diesel engine. Fuel injection. The 2 Main Types of Fuel Injectors for Marine Diesel ...
Engineering, 11 pages
2020 02 12
Presentation about Life Saving Equipment
Life Saving Equipment. Maritime English Vocabulary Practice. Life-saving appliances. Lifeboats. Life rafts. Davits. Smcp. Lifebuoys. Lifejackets. Life raft inflation. Buoyant smoke signal (orangeImmersion (survival) suit. Thermal protective aid ...
Engineering, 23 pages
2019 04 05
Introduction. Kauno Tiltai is the largest transport infrastructure company in the Baltics. AB kauno tiltai – what is it? The growth of. Main purposes of the company. In the global economy of knowledge and innovations our consumer habits. Fig. ...
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2018 03 17
Radar detector
Introduction. Description. Counter technlogy. Radar scrambling. LIDAR detection. Summary. New words.
Engineering, 8 pages
2018 10 04
Radio receiver powerpoint
Radio receiver. Radio receiver is. What is a radio receiver, how it works? Crystal radio receiver, Tuned radio frequency receiver. Types of radio receiver. The first radio. About the history of the radio receiver. First radio receiver. Thank you ...
Engineering, 6 pages
2018 01 23
Robots slides
Robots. What is a robot? So Why Use Robots? Stockroom worker. Bartender. Soldier. Pharmacist. Farmer. Bomb squad. Housekeeper. Paralegals and doc-review-focused attorneys. Tellers and clerks. Artificial intelligence. Humanoid Sophia  -an ...
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2018 10 04
Seatbelts presentation
Seatbelts. History. Seat belts were invented by English engineer George Cayley in the mid-19th century. Types. Two-point A 2-point belt attaches at its two endpoints. Technology. Reminder chime and light n Europe and some other parts of the ...
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2018 10 04
Security systems alarms paper
Security systems. Introduction. What is security alarm? The main sensors of alarm system. How does a security system work? Conclusions. References and other Sources.
Engineering, 7 pages
2019 11 28
Security systems presentation
Introduction. What is security alarm? The main sensors of alarm system. Few types of sensors and their functions. How does a security system work? Security system circuit example. Conclusions. References and other Sources.
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2019 11 28
Slides about Engineering materials
Engineering materials. Classification of Engineering Materials. Basically Engineering Materials Can be classified into two categories Metals Non- metals. Metals are polycrystalline bodies which are having number of differentially oriented fine ...
Engineering, 11 pages
2019 04 28
Smart materials in engineering presentation
Faculty of engineering sciences. Smart materials in engineering. Content. What is smart materials. History. Types of materials. Type examples. A smart fluid developed in labs at the Michigan Institute of Technology. Type examples. Manufacture. ...
Engineering, 13 pages
2020 02 12
Stormwater management
Stormwater in rural and urban areas. Storage type devices. Infiltration type devices. Cost consideration and health aspects. O&M, applicability, cons and pros. References.
Engineering, 7 pages
2018 04 03
The system of a car engine essay
To begin with, there is many different types of engines like internal and external combustion engines, non-combusting heat engine, electric motor, pneumatic motor and hydraulic motor. All these motors use similar, same or different systems to ...
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2018 10 04
Three Mile Island Accident
First you should think of the consequences before taking any decision.You should always have auxiliary parts in case your machine brakes down.We should not make any conclusions before we know all the facts.Yesterday we bought ...
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2018 12 19
Thunderstorm and lightning PowerPoint
Thunderstorm & lightning. The most important things to guard against Thunderstorm & lightning. If you are. During an thunderstorm & lightning. After a thunderstorm & lightning. After the storm passes remember to.
Engineering, 18 pages
2018 01 23
Two - stroke and four - stroke engines
Introduction. Two-stoke engine operation. Intake. Crankcase compression. Transfer/Exhaust. Compression. Power. Two-stroke and four-stroke engines comparison. Key vocabulary. References.
Engineering, 17 pages
2019 10 08
Water supply
Water supply. Ground floor plan. First floor plan. Cold water axonometric scheme. Cold water flow. HOT water axonometric scheme. Ph=7,9 l/s u=. Hot water flow. Our chosen house is situated in Biržai city. Storm water collecting. Storm water ...
Engineering, 14 pages
2018 01 09
Airbags technology in our cars
Matas Grigas AE 26D gr. What are airbags. History of an airbags. Air bag injuries and fatalities.
Engineering, 6 pages
2017 02 16
Alternate energy sources
Introduction. How Solar Energy Works? Advantages of Solar Energy. Disadvantages of Solar Energy. The Process of Wind Energy. Kind of Wind Farms. How can Wind Energy be Planet Friendly? Advantages of Wind Energy. Disadvantages of Wind Energy. ...
Engineering, 26 pages
2017 05 07
Analysis of structures of one dynamic degree of freedom
Calculation of structures natural vibration frequency. Determination of the dynamic load factor. Calculation of static , dynamic and total internal forces. Calculation of the total displacement in the direction of dynamic load.
Engineering, 5 pages
2016 03 21
Cad cam
Here I have modelled a simple 3D surface by using an Autodesk Inventor software.Second step was to produce a fully dimensioned orthographic drawing on Autodesk Inventor.Exporting 3D modelled component from Inventor to FeatureCAM. ...
Engineering, 34 pages
2015 10 06
Introduction. History. Technological changes. Map types. General vs. thematic cartography. Topographic vs. topological. Map design. Map purpose and selection of information. Naming conventions. Map symbology. Map generalization. Map projections. ...
Engineering, 17 pages
2017 01 09
Container types
Vilnius. Container types. Container. A container is. Standard containers High-cube containers Hard-top. Standard containers. Standard containers are also known as general purpose containers. High-cube containers. High-cube containers are similar ...
Engineering, 11 pages
2016 04 06
Demonstration of compression and expansion process in Engine
Demonstration of compression and expansion process in Engine. Introduction. Internal combustion Engine Components. C. Engine components apart from components shown in the figure. SI Engine Ideal Otto Cycle. Figure4 Suction stroke. Four strokes of ...
Engineering, 52 pages
2017 04 26
Determining of stresses in soil mass
Select the number of points according the stress diagram shape.Applying numerical integration method. Determine the normal stresses
Engineering, 12 pages
2016 03 21
ELM Labak - meranie stabilizacnej diody
a) Zmerajte VA charakteristiku predloženej Zenerovej diódy priepustnom aj závernom smere a nakreslite jej grafický priebeh. b) Vo zvolenom pracovnom bode VA charakteristiky určte statický (RS) ...
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2019 04 15
Guglielmo Marconi
Guglielmo Marconi. An Italian inventor and electrical engineer. Radio work. During his early. There was a great deal of interest in radio waves in the physics community. Developing radio telegraphy. Marconi just. Marconi's first transmitter . ...
Engineering, 10 pages
2017 05 17