Increasing power of natural aspirated engine

Increasing power of natural aspirated engine. What is the engine power? Increasing power of VW Polo Sedan MPI engine. First configuration. Cold air intake. Second configuration. The final. Improved camshafts. High efficiency intake manifold and cold air intake. Enchained connecting rod bolts. The engine control unit programming and final power measurement. Conclussions.

Buyer who is choosing new car, often primarily look to it‘s engine power. The numerical value of power hides a lot of useful information, and sometimes - intrigue.

Although power is not the most important indicator of the engine effectiveness, but when you choose your new car, it is one of the main values you look at.

The derivative values are also used - the relative weight and power ratio (kg / kW or kg / hp) in liter capacity or the power output per liter of engine (kW / l or AG / l).

According to the international SI system, units of the main power is the watt or kilowatt (kW or W; = 1 kW per 1 000 W). However, consumers traditionally prefer derivative, that is used from the eighteenth century - horse power (HP; 1 kW = 1,341 hp). Notes that in the western technical literature used dimensions of power (HP PS) are also different. Bias - 1,014. So in these cases 1 kW = 1.36 hp.

When fuel burns in cilinders, it increases heat. It is converted into mechanical energy. However, not all of the heat, and not all the energy is used effectively. Part of it is used strictly for internal engine friction defeat (plain shaft bearings, gears and so on.) And also for additional energy consumers, such as generators, pneumatic brake system and air conditioner compressors, fans, additional oil pumps / hydraulic motors to rotate and so on.

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  • Increasing power of natural aspirated engine
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