Car damper energy transportation

Car damper energy transportation.

In this research I am going to evaluate the three main parameter of automotive MR fluid shock absorber’s which has to be taken in to account regenerative efficiency. These main parameters are: power, frequency and displacement. Generated electric power will describe the efficiency of the regenerative shock absorber during the change of displacement and frequency of movable shock absorber part. Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per 1 second. During the research frequency will be used up to 5 Hz.

In this Master thesis planning to use theoretical and experimental methods. Both methods are used to get better results, and investigate the differences between real and theoretical objects. Results from both methods will be compared.

Fig 6. Model of the system: 1. Coil 2. Magnet with piston 3. Body of shock absorber

The magnet is arranged that one pole of magnet is facing the coil and the other pole facing the piston. Magnetic flux is outward to the coil.

Piston position at boundary condition is showed in figure 7.

Faraday´s law that can be formulated in terms of the

magnetic flux . that for a flat loop of area S in a uniform

For examined system will be used following, one degree of freedom magnet movement, block diagram of Simulink:

NI Sound and Vibration Assistant [interactive] [seen 2015-01-14]. Access from internet:

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