DSC- dynamic stability control presentation

DSC-dynamic stability control. Aim and Objective. Aim To give an introduction to DSC (dynamic stability control) on light vehicles. Under and over steer. Understeer occurs when. Wath is dsc? Pic. Under and over steer. What is the Z Axis? Yaw describes the rotation of the car about the z-axis. Sensor used. Wheel speed sensor monitors the rotational speed of the road wheels. Location of major components. Pic. Location of sensors. How does DSC work? Imagine this is facing you! Naturally you would brake and swerve! ! DSC Will monitor. Pic. Z axis. As you begin. Pic. Dsc. The danger here is that the vehicle will over steer and “Spin”. The DSC system will fluctuate the brake pressure. Summary. Have we Identified why DSC systems are used on vehicles.

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  • DSC- dynamic stability control presentation
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