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Membrane technologies
Figure 11. Three modes of membrane operation: (a) constant flux, (b) constant pressure, and (c) nonrestricted flux and pressureTable 2. Constituents in wastewater that can affect the performance of membranes through the mechanism of ...
Engineering, 32 pages
2017 05 17
PCB and Soldering
Introduction. About solder. PCB - Printed Circuit Board. History. Design. The Manufacturing  Process. Making the substrate. Drilling and plating the holes. Creating the printed circuit pattern on the substrate. Mounting the components. Quality ...
Engineering, 10 pages
2015 12 27
Presentation on lathe machine
Presentation on lathe machine. Principle of lathe . Components of lathe. Parts of lathe. Bed. Carriage. Headstock . Tailstock. Types of Lathe. Engine lathe. Bench lathe. Automatic lathe. Lathe Operations. Cutting Tools. Single point cutting ...
Engineering, 20 pages
2016 10 17
Pumps on the ship
Lietuvos aukštoji jūreivystės. A pump is a device that moves fluids (liquids or gases). The most common types of pumps are the displacement pumps and the. Displacement pumps 1. Gearwheel pump 2. Reciprocating pump 3. Screw pump 4. Vane pump. ...
Engineering, 12 pages
2016 03 02
Renewable energy
Renewable energy. Specific Questions. Where does renewable energy come from? Why is renewable energy important? OECD stands for Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Solar Roof tiles. (Solar Grants now available). Solar Power ...
Engineering, 26 pages
2016 06 29
Solar System Around the Sun
The distance between the Sun and Jupiter varies from 740 million. up to 816 million. km, the Sun orbit the Earth 11.86 per year. This - the largest of the Solar System with a diameter larger than the Earth 11 times, volume - once in 1331, and ...
Engineering, 10 pages
2016 05 04
Types of Energy
Types of Energy. There are two sources of energy. Nonrenewanle. Combustion releases pollution. Renewable Sources of Energy. Solar energy. About solar energy. It‘s not popular, but it should be. Why? Chernobyl is the best answer to this ...
Engineering, 14 pages
2017 05 25