Makeup Case Study

Makeup Case Study.

Her skin doesn’t really have wrinkles or blemishes and looks and feels soft and smooth. Her T zone is little bit oily and she said that she gets blemishes prior period sometimes on this part of the face. I can see signs of heeled blemishes there and she also has a few small moles on her face.

Naomi came to see me for Fashion show makeup; she is taking part in Limericks Shopping festival Fashion show. I have to match her makeup to her outfit, which is white with bright pink accessories. Naomi brought a few pictures of makeup ideas, how she is imaging her look. We also discussed about the colours and makeup styles prior starting.

Using cotton buds I covered few little red marks of heeled blemishes with Catrice green colour corrective cream. Then I decanted some Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in ivory and soft beige colour and mixed them together to get the right colour to match Naomi’s skin tone. This foundation is a light, smooth texture and gives natural flawless finish; it also has sun protection SPF 15. I applied foundation with foundation brush and blended it well with Kabuki blending brush.

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