Architectural concept

Architectural concept.

The house is built on strip foundation. Some bearing walls are external and internal, for which the prefabricated B-type foundations are used, which sit on FL-type pillows. The empty gaps between the pillows are filled by monolithic concrete of class C20/25. The joints between the pillows and blocks are filled with masonry mortar that has a thickness of up to 20mm. The bituminous membrane “Flexigum” from a company called “Bitum” is used as a hydro insulation for the foundation. Parallel to the foundation pillows there are PVC drainage pipes.

The interior non-bearing walls are built from 100 mm ceramic blocks.

In sequence thermal resistance of masonry wall layers and the total thermal resistance is calculated below.

Inner facing of the wall is plaster decoration of 10 mm thickness, which has a heat conductivity coefficient of

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