Accounting practice diary

February 18 Monday. February 19 Tuesday. February 20 Wednesday. February 21 Thursday. February 22 Friday. February 25 Monday. February 26 Tuesday. February 27 Wednesday. February 28 Thursday. March 1 Friday. Marh 4 Monday. March 5 Tuesday.

evaluation. We got to know the staff department. We read the instructions of the chapter, we started filling in the employment contracts and orders. All tasks got perfect, wasn‘t hard.

We have filled in personal files for employees. Started creating questionnaires for company employees. Everything went well, there were a few uncertainties, but teacher explained exercise First of all, we have completed the questionnaires for employees. We have distributed We started to keep track of the working hours of our employees.

We learned that on February 28 we will have a fair in which we will have to attend. Distributed work, the staff department needed to do a pocket calendar.

We participated in the fair. The fair liked it because many people gathered and asked many.

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