Marketing concept (2)

Marketing concept (2).

Macro environment (economic) Examples related to the case study: Recession. Demand for chocolates are higher than supply availability, which will cost a deficit within the next 6 years.

Micro environment (competitors). Example related to the case study: James priced coffee and teas at a level that was competitive with Starbucks and Costa with the intention to attract more customers in his premises.

Micro environment (intermediaries, resellers). Example related to the case study: five start hotel in Edinburgh serving Clare’s chocolates in their restaurant and also selling gift boxes. Other gift shops around Scotland are willing to sell Clare’s chocolates too.

Micro environment (customers). Example related to the case study: the most consumers for café are women between age group 25-50 and hand-made chocolate buyers splits between women and men.

Market research is divided into primary (field) and secondary (desk) research. This is the initial information gathering methods derived and already accumulated for certain purposes, but adequate and specific marketing research case information.

Secondary research – data that already exist and already processed and collected by someone else. Methods of the secondary data are: internal (accounting data, previously accomplished primary research data) or external (various institution publications, internet).

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