„Via Baltica“ history of Lithuania

„Via Baltica“ history of Lithuania.

"Via Baltica" road in Lithuania is one of the most intense international traffic arteries, and also one of the main traffic arteries in Lithuania, with a particularly strong impact on the Lithuanian economy. "Via Baltica" belong to Kreta transport corridor is included in the international network of roads and validated as important European highway E67.

1995 AB "Panevezys roads "gave the city of Panevezys to use the southern bypass and part of the western bypass, in 1996, was completed the western bypass. And then these connections, directing the flow of transit vehicles from Panevezys, not called yet officially part of the international highway.

EU banks' funds partially funded work "Via Baltica" on the road to launch in 1997. Reconstructed path Panevezys-Kėdainiai-Cinkiškis, built Kėdainių bypass works were on the road Panevėžys-Pasvalys-Riga. In 1998, completed the construction of the northern bypass of the city of Panevezys, completed in 2003, Vilnius-Riga road intersection with the road Panevezys-Siauliai Reconstruction of two-level intersection (Nausodės intersection). All of the above work was done by AB "Panevezys roads".

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