Body massage Case Study

Example of case study how to start massage clinic. Swedish massage case study.

Body massage Case Study.

I made sure that room is warm enough prior the treatment and lit up some candles to create more relaxing atmosphere.

I performed classic holistic full body massage concentrating on clients upper back, which was very tight at the beginning of the treatment, I started with effleurage, continuing with petrissage, using kneading and rubbing movements to manipulate tissues and muscles, paying particular attention to clients trapezius, rhomboids muscles on clients upper back and erector spinae and latissimus dorsi muscles on her lower back.

While massaging clients feet I had to use lighter pressure, because she couldn’t tolerate cross friction on her soles and her ankle remained stiff while performing passive rotations.

I used grapeseed oil as a medium, because this is light and easy absorbs to the skin.

This was Paula’s first time having full body holistic massage. She found the treatment very relaxing and enjoyable , but she said that it was a bit hard for her to relax at the beginning of the treatment, because she was a bit sensitive while I was massaging her feet.

Client liked medium pressure of the massage , she especially enjoyed back and scalp part of the massage. After the treatment she felt refreshed and back felt way lighter and looser. Homecare Advice

I advised the client to take plenty of water after the treatment to help flush out the toxins. I also advised to increase her water intake to 2 litres and also to keep her diet healthy , taking a portion of fruits and vegetables every day.

I was happy with my performance and felt that Paula will benefit from the treatment and will feel much better. From the first treatment I know which areas are clients problematic and I need to concentrate more.

This time I decided to start treatment with Initial touch -opening treatment ritual, to help client to relax and to give sense of calm and security before the treatment begins. The focus of the Initial touch is to relax the client through firm touch, calm the breathing through the introduction of essential oils and a refreshing foot cleanse.

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