Makeup Consultation Form & Treatment Plan

Makeup Consultation Form & Treatment Plan.

Then I moved on to her eye make-up. I applied some eye make-up base with a disposable eye-make up brush and with my eye make-up brush I applied a beige base all over the eye socket. Then I applied a darker beige colour to her lid only. Using a grey shade I created a line in the crease of her eyes and blended it all in. Then using a darker grey on the outer eyelid I created a smoky look. I then applied some more eye make-up base on the lower eyelid and put on some glitter using a disposable brush. I pressed on the glitter on the eyelid. I then used liquid eyeliner across the bottom of her eyelid. Then I paired my brown pencil and filled in her eyebrows being careful not to put too much on. I brushed through them with a disposable mascara wand to ensure they were even. Following this I applied some waterproof mascara to her lashes using a disposable mascara wand.

After this I applied some blusher to her cheeks using my blusher brush. I asked her to smile and applied the blusher to her cheek bone.

I used a small amount of bronzer on my brush and applied it under the blusher to highlight her cheekbones even more.

I then applied some dark pink liner, lipstick and lip gloss using a disposable lip brush to follow off her look.

Tetiana was very happy with her make-up. She had never had it done before and said it was very relaxing. She was looking forward to her night out.

I told Tetiana that her make-up would stay on for the duration of the night as I had applied a prebase and fixing powder. However I told her to take a lip gloss or lipstick with her so she could top up her lips as that would come off over time. I advised her to bring a small amount of powder with her if she wished to apply it during the night.

I intend to carry out an Special occasion makeup on my client.

I will greet my client, introduce myself and take to the treatment area. I

I will ask my client to remove jewellery, contact lenses( client`s choice) and

glasses. Give instructions on how to sit down on the couch. When the client on the couch, I put protective cover over and apply headband with tissue to protect. Then I will sanitising my hands.

And just a visual check of my client`s skin type, colour and condition,

After the cleanse I will use magnifying lamp for deeper analyse of my

client`s skin type, pigmentation and skin colour, skin texture, skin imperfections the tone of the skin and temperature of the skin.

Then tone the skin with appropriate (tonic, freshener or astringent) to

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  • Makeup Consultation Form & Treatment Plan
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