Provide pedicure treatment

Positioning of the therapist and the client during the treatment. Carrying out a nail and skin analysis. Products and materials required for manicure. Completing client records corectly. Completing the treatment to the satisfaction of the client. Treatment restrictions. Contra indications. References.

Consultation before treatment helps a lot to understand client wishes and needs, which leads to successful completing of service at the end. During treatment it is always good to check or client feels comfortable. If client more pays attention on how you are doing service so it will be correct to explain everything orderly the procedure of following actions, but if you see that client came just to have relax it will be nice to offer to look through some magazines. Itis important also to provide client with information how long varnish will take to dry , although it is touch dry within 20-30minutes. Therefore, you would advise them to be careful and avoid knocking the nails and getting them in water for a good hour or so.

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  • Provide pedicure treatment
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