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A full manicure was carried out including the hand massage.

Nails were filed and reduced in length and round shape was applied to the nails. The nails were even in length and there was evidence of a free edge. There was not any peeling or flaking present. The colour was good with a nice pink appearance. It shows good blood circulation.

There were no hangnails present and the cuticles were normal, not overgrown or adhering to the nail plate.

The hands were smooth and soft to the touch with no evidence of any dryness or dehydration. The temperature was good indicated a healthy circulation. There was no evidence of any pigmentation i.e., liver spots or sun damage.

Full massage was included using all classical massage movements. Client asked not to remove the hand cream. Nails were buffed and squeaked clean at the end using nail enamel remover.

Products used: Manicure cuticle cream, Manicure nail soak, cuticle remover, hoof stick, knife, and nippers. Manicure massage cream. Manicure Nail polish remover. Manicure base coat, I applied two coats of Red cream enamel and Topcoat.

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