Lush fresh handmade cosmetics

Lush fresh handmade cosmetics .

According to Moore, philosophical work precedes the technical work. Therefore, they are closely interlinked it will be discussed in one section.

Lush has a clear vision how they want to run the company, especially regarding their employees. According to the head buyer and perfumer of the company, Simon Constantine, they are always trying to find ways of doing business with a people who has a positive attitude towards the environment and provide them with regular employment and social benefits (Ward, 2015). As Lush are aiming to provide the best quality organic products, they are looking people and business partners through many different channels, but each addition to the company must be carefully selected. Since the company is trying to keep its unique products and outlook, only verified and highly trusted people are considered as a valuable addition to the team. However, once the members are in the team, they are involved in decision making, as it helps company to improve the performance and access it from many different perspectives. Also, the quality of the products is important to Lush, employees make products by hand. This ensures that even in this age of technologies, Lush remains a stable provider of workplaces as they are not willing to replace humans with machines.

Moreover, Lush aims to be highly conscious about environmental issues. The money saved from less packaging is spent to ensure that customers get the highest quality and the most natural ingredients for the products. In addition, company emphasize that packaging should be used as less as possible and when it is used, it must be made from recycled materials. Lush makes its own labels to prevent waste and use only as much packaging as necessary. To show the world how Lush values sustainability, in 2007 the company introduced the “Go Naked” campaign as a tool to inform society about overpacking and its contribution to the environmental crisis (Lush, 2015). Company informed the public about possibility to leave packaging in the stores and report retailers who overuse the packing to the environmental institutions. With this campaign, company scaled its impact globally by raising awareness and decreased harm to environment by not using 3 million plastic bottles for their products. (Lush, 2015).

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