Provide Eyelash and Brow Treatments

Carying out tests prior to treatments and accurately recording treatment. Assesing facial characteristic prior to carrying out lash and brow treatment. Positioning of the therapist and the client during the treatment. Using the correct products, tools, equipment and techniques. Completing client records correctly. Completing the treatment to the satisfaction of the client. Contra – indications. 11. References.

Assesing facial characteristic prior to carrying out lash and brow treatment

Important to mention that eyebrow shape are affected by some factors:

Shape of the face. Different type of face enhance the different shapes eyebrows.

Hand mirror – used when discussing the brow shaping requirements and the finished result

Eyebrow pencil – used to mark the skin when measuring brow length

Soothing lotion or cream – with healing and antiseptic properities

Apply petroleum jelly to the upper eyelid, in a line on the skin at the base of the lashes.

Considering the length and density of the clients eyelashes, mix the required amount of tint with 10 volume (3%) hydrogen peroxide 2-3 drops.

On completion of processing, remove the eyelash tint by applying clean damp cottonwoool pads over each eye, wiping away mosto f the tint and removing the protective eyeshield in one movement. With a sweeping action on each eye and using one cottonwool pad, wipe from the side to the middle against the lash growth.

Ask the client to open her eyes. If removal has been correctly carried out, the lashes and their bases will be free from tint.

Place a cool, damp cottonwool pad over each eye for two to three minutes to soothe the eye tissue.

Check that the back of the couch or beauty chair is slightly raised, at a height that is comfortable for you.

Discuss the service procedure with the client. Explain that she will be required to keep her eyes open during the service. Reassure her that she may blink during application.

Depending on the effect required, you may start application of the individual lashes at different positions along the natural lash line. In general, apply shorter lashes to the inner corners of the eyelid, and longer lashes to the outer corners; If you are applying individual lashes to the entire upper lid, it is practical to start application at the inner corner of the eyelid and work outwards: this follows the natural contour of the eye.

With the sterille tweezers, select a lash from the package, holding it neari its centre. Brush underside of the individual lash, at the root, through the adhesive should extend slightly beyond the root. You need sufficient adhesive, but not too much – excess adhesive should be removed by wiping the lash against the inside of the adhesive container.

Apply the artificial lashes one at a time, to each eye alternately. This avoids sensitizing the eye, and makes it easier for you to create a balanced effect.

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