Face skin and its care

Face skin and its care.

Work by GT – 16 student: Dovilė Petravičiūtė.

It is the rarest skin type. This type of skin has medium size pores, even after wash there is no feeling of stretch, skin stays matte for the whole day.

Skin dryness When the colder days come, our skin becomes more sensitive – reacts to temperature changes, also to the turning on of central heating and other negative factors, which encourage the dryness and scaling of skin. Of course, you must irrigate and nourish skin.

Skin fatness Often incorrect skin cleaning provokes skin fatness. Using too much lotions, tonics and washing with soap too often is not allowed. Otherwise, it stimulates skin’s fatness.

Pimples However, most of us have problems with pimples, which are caused by digestion or various food intolerance. In that case, cosmetics won’t help you at all. Pay more attention to your nutrition regulation and normalize stomach microflora.

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  • Face skin and its care
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