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Automobiles. The History of the Automobile. What is an Automobile? When was the first automobile created? What were the defects of the first automobiles? When had the steam cars been built in America? 1858 First Coal-gas Engine. 1889 The First Motor Company formed. When was the first closed circuit race? 1896 First Road Traffic Death. 1973 Energy Crisis. Conclusion. Automobile manufacturers. Popular car manufacturers. Car classification. Economy car. Microcar. Ultracompact car. City car. Supermini/subcompact car. Family car. Small family car/compact car. Large family/mid-size. Saloons/sedans. Large family/mid-size. Full size/large. Crossover/suv. Minivans/mpvs. Luxury vehicle. Compact executive. Executive/mid-luxury. Full-size luxury/Grand saloon. Estate cars/station wagons. Sports cars. Hot hatch. Sports saloon/sports sedan. Sports cars. Grand tourer. Super car. Muscle car. Pony car. Convertible. Off-roaders. Sport utility vehicle. Commercial vehicle. Van. Engines. Straight/ Inline engines. Type engines. Boxer/ flat engines. Wankel/ rotary engines. Diesel engines. Car environmental impact. Cleaner car “Race”. Manufacturing. Transportation. Impact to natural habitat.

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