Business plan example Ehrle

Business plan example Ehrle.

Table n. 1 – Daily numbers of washes in carwash and at home in Aalborg Area

Once we have found out daily demand of washes in Aalborg Area, we can assume how many of customers we could attract. We assume that with good location of the carwash and marketing we can attract 6-10% of customers already using carwash and 10-20% of customers washing their cars at home.

Then we have looked into Consumers Overview in Denmark. We have chosen to have detailed overview in Trends in Private Transport, Consumers Confidence and Payments. By looking into these we have found out that sales of cars are growing and Danes are switching from small to medium sized cars. The confidence levels are reaching the highest points since 2006. All the above means that Danes are having more and more money to spend, take care more of their cars and go more often to the carwash.

In Payments section, CNN Money report in June 2015 stated that Denmark could be one of the first countries in the world to go cashless, after the Danish government announced plans to cut cash completely out of shopping. In alternative payments, mobile payments have become the most popular alternative payment method in Denmark, with over 2.2 million Danes having registered for the Danske Bank mobile app Mobile Pay since its launch in 2013. These facts creates the need of development card and mobile solutions for EHRLE stations.

By looking at our chosen partner EHRLE, company has invested into new production facility in 2011 and expanding their capability of production to 2000 bays per year. Financially they are doing well and new emerging markets in Eastern Europe creates favorable forecast to the future. The strong core competencies and competitive advantages puts EHRLE to earned position of market leader in the industry of self-service carwashes.

strong innovation and years of experience in self-service carwash industry

However the management need to be aware of their weaknesses and threads. Summarized SWOT is enclosed below.

Competition on the Danish market looks tough and strong. However the self-service carwash industry is in its diapers and has not even started. There have been a few tries to bring up the self-service carwash business on the market but the presented solutions has not been successful. The technology used in these concepts has several disadvantages.

There are 2 international carwash players on the Danish market, Washtec and Istobal focusing on tunnel technology. Additionally, they offer self-service technology, however it is their side business. In Europe there is only one serious player competing with EHRLE that may expand to Denmark. It is Polish based company BKF that has copied EHRLE technology and is currently expanding into the same markets as EHRLE. However their main focus of competition is in emerging markets.

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