Custom ambient lightning for cars analysis

Macro economy analysis. Macro-environment analysis. Competitor analysis. Overview of existing competitors. Swot analysis for created product. Conclusions. Sources of information. Table 1 Factors determining the product (compiled by the author). Table 2 Competitors. Table 3 SWOT analysis (compiled by the author).

The company also offers full service to its customers: needs assessment, lighting design, delivery of goods, the company performs installation work, provides two years warranty for its products, the company values every customer and always assumes the responsibility and finds the necessary solutions. The largest advantage of the company is individual interior lighting which the customer chooses the most allows the company to satisfy the customer's wishes and find the best solution.

Table 1 Factors determining the product (compiled by the author)

Political views on cars are neutral, although fuel prices are rising, it does not interfere with the current production of the company, they meet the people's desire to improve their cars, thus retaining customers.

The Lithuanian economy is growing at a moderate pace. Population purchasing power as well. However, consumers are more likely to buy cheaper and lower-quality products, which means that lower-end products are being imported at high demand. The company strives to apply promotions, improve quality at an affordable price, and thus enable consumers to buy their products

Recent trends in population decline and aging have been observed in Lithuania. These are the main factors of this market. The decrease in the number of people, due to various reasons, reduces the number of consumers. However, aging can have a positive impact on the sales of UAB Kitforma, as car tools are sold to individuals from the age of eighteen who have a car, so the more senior people, the more potential consumers of this type of production

Science is developing very rapidly, and work tools are constantly being developed and put into practice. Recently, computerization of the production process has become increasingly widespread as it helps to save resources. Companies are forced to keep pace with scientific progress. UAB Kitforma is trying to introduce newer technologies such as LED bulb connection with magnetic ballast and starter. The introduction of innovations requires highly qualified staff, therefore the company adopts new specialists and allows to develop needed skills for existing ones.

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