Marketing environment

Marketing environment.

This particular company is highly related with media, citizen-action, general and internal publics. These specific groups are very important and they have impact on Primark’s ability to achieve its objectives. The company actively communicates with them and creates specific marketing plans to get positive responses and form good image.

Mostly companies see customers as the most powerful force in marketing microenvironment that can affect their activities. Primark operates in consumer market and serves its products to individuals that buy goods for personal consumption. Primark’s target customers are people from 16-24 and 45-65 years old. It means that company needs to adapt and satisfy diversity of consumer needs in order to encourage brand loyalty. The company carefully analyzes its consumers, collets necessary information and makes improvements to capture customer value.

Primark is influenced by a lot of other factors that can shape opportunities and pose threats to the company. One of those forces is demography which stands for the human population statistics: size, age, gender, race and so on. Any change in demography means change in Primark target markets and its strategies. For example, if the average company’s consumer age would change, Primark should think how to adapt to those changes and create customer value and relationship. Another important force from macro-environment is economy situation that affects consumer purchasing power. Primark operates in such countries as Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, United States and so on. In other words, the company acts in industrialized and rich countries, where income levels and distribution are favorable for the company because of the high demand of Primark production.

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