Digital marketing for JS technologies

Digital marketing for JS technologies.

So the JS technologies offer to install the tablets, card readers, a computer and a printer to the catering institutions in order to boost up the service, boost up morale of the visitors, increase the turnaround of the clients and as a result increase the revenues of the business by simply allowing the person to order and pay by himself.

Alternatively according the marketing experts Don Pepper and Martha Rogers notice that Creating loyal customers is at the heart of every business:

So the general value is described by the customer satisfaction, in which case the company should do just that focus on benefiting the customers. So in general the product is focused mainly on customer benefaction that is cutting costs, raising the turnover and revenue, also providing ability to use the tax initiative according to which the taxes of the company implementing upgrades will be able to use the tax ease, not only that the company can also present their idea as hip, and offer the customers the door into the future. Eventually such menus will come to the market and such possibilities to make the service faster and customer satisfaction higher. The company may offer its clients to be one of the first catering companies who have reached a futuristic service. Another thing which the company may present to its clients is the ecologic initiative, instead of ordering new menus to be made everytime a change occurs in the menu the software will allow to simply change the numbers, change the pictures, add or remove products with a few clicks, which eliminates once again the costs for new menus for the whole restaurant chains and from the ecological perspective it will lower the paper consumption.A good though was given by Adam Smith: "The real price of anything is the toil and trouble of acquiring it.”In order for the business not only to acquire new customers but to keep the current ones loyal, they must provide a great service. Making sure not only to sell or rent out the business to as much restaurants as possible, but also to be able and to support in any enquires that may arise from using the service.

Firstly the company must train the staff of the restaurants to be able to firstly provide information for the restaurants visitors on how to use it, secondly solve the minor inconveniences by themselves.Now secondly from JS perspective they must allways have their engineers available if a problem with the system or the software hardware issue may occur. The issues with the product may infact not only worsen the image of the company, but also increase the image. It is possible via good and quick response. For example if one of the tablets get damaged the company must set an upmost priority to change it into a working one as fast as possible, if the fix was provided quickly it will create a reliable image, that the company can be trusted and that it knows their thing.

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