Marketing case study

Marketing case study.

As well there is various factors which have impact on choosing channel strategy. One of them dynamic environment, which is all changes over time who could have effect on product. ( For example, one of the Claire’s chocolates customers are tourist, so time of the year could have an effect on sales. At the summer time more tourist coming to Scotland then at the winter time so sales will depend on time of the year. Another factor marketplace which organization is operating, how competitors take products to the market and how this would affect your sales. ( In the case study Claire’s chocolates marketplace locals and tourist in Scotland, which she attracts with handmade, gift wrapped chocolates.

Pricing methods - Price determinations will impact profit margins, supply, demand and marketing strategy and must reflect supply and demand relationship. An organisation need to consider various pricing strategies. One of the pricing strategy is premium strategy, when uses high price, but offering good product(. Claire’s chocolates are priced to reflect their uniqueness and high quality ingredients, using a premium pricing strategy(. Another pricing strategy which used at Claire’s chocolates psychological pricin(g, box of chocolate price ranging from 9.99 to 59.99 pounds, they use 99p not for example 1.01 pounds’ pion perspective.

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