Body massage treatment Case study

Please complete using CAPITAL LETTERS. Body massage treatment (10 x 1Case Study Do you suffer from/or have any of the following? Client Profile ( BriefCase Study Treatment Plan. Home Care Advice. Client Feedback.

He is a 33 years old male.

He works as a security officer in an office house and in pubs as a bouncer. At the beginning he enjoyed the work but because he became lazy he wants to change and do something else.

He used to play football twice a week, playing other sports, lived a very active life. He likes to watch movies, loves animals and to go abroad. He is interested in gardening, fixing things around the house. Now because he does only night shifts in the last one and the half month he just watches movies, playing on the PlayStation. He said he is not in the mood to do something else and can’t wait to go back to day work. He knows it’s not good how things are going now and that’s why he wants to make changes in his life.

He is in a relationship for two years.

He got a mesomorph body type with a combination skin.

His eating habit is mixed. At home he eats normal homemade food and at work often orders junk food.

These days he is unhappy because he couldn’t go home to visit his family and friends.

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