Connection between Creativity and Workplace Wellness (Case Study ̶ Google)

Connection between Creativity and Workplace Wellness (Case Study ̶ Google).

We chose to analyse the one of the biggest companies phenomena in the world ̶ Google. First, we chose this company because everybody in knows and use it (thinking about our presentation in class). Second, Google is very successful leading search engine worldwide. And to reach this title is not only a good business strategy that used other regular companies but the most important is to use the power of creativity.

Further on, we saw documentaries about Google as: Life at Google., Inside Google's lair - How Google employees work, How BIG is Google, The Google life, Life inside Google and Imagine a world without Google. We came across for even more short movies about Google. Everyone wants to know, why Google is so successful and why are employers so happy. Google really take care of us, is the first sentence in a movie called Life at Google. Why is that correct I will explain in next paragraph.

Further on, employees can get free message and a nap in the middle of the work. Great thing is also free doctors if you feel bad.

But those things you do not get just in California offices. Google have 68 other campuses around the world. Let me mention Belo Horizonte, Brazil where they can sleep on hammock. Beijing, China; where employees have their meeting and bean bag chairs. But Google most extreme workplace got to be in Zurich, Switcher land; they have 100 employees; they came up with aquarium with exotic fishes to calm their mind while they work. When they want to have a little time off they have rooms with different themes to focus on, for lunches they have slides around the offices so they can go to lunch faster by just sliding down the slide.

So, the really helpful thing that Google do as same as D. Burrus offered is to firstly make an observation to understand about the situation it is happening and they have knowledge what measures could be affective for a company.

To sum up, Google care about employees' and inters' health, pets, meals, personal shape and so on but importantly they make stunning facilities to entertain or calm employees and inters during the break time as D. Burrus (2013) mentioned that break time is very important for productivity and workspace wellness.

Creativity of the workers is really connected with where they work and what benefits they have. If we take Google for example, the company is huge and very successful and their workplace is amazing for everyone.

In this assignment we realise that we need to be creative and innovative for company's success, but company also needs to give us the best workplace they can so we can enable to be creative in unique way, different from others. We also realize that we can be taught to be creative, while some years ago the thought different. They taught only artist are creative and they were born whit being like that and be able to create innovative and creative work arts.

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  • Connection between Creativity and Workplace Wellness (Case Study ̶ Google)
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