News portal in portraying woman politician: Lithuania's case study

News portal in portraying woman politician: Lithuania's case study.

For research I used the most popular news portal in Lithuania ,,’’. This news portal popularity prove ,,GemiusBaltic’’ research. „Gemus Baltic’’ is international internet market research company and has its own subdivision in Lithuania. Data shows that during last month get 270626535 viewers. Investigative was chosen very important woman who represent Lithuania’s authority: president Dalia Grybauskaite and Seym chairwoman Loreta Grauziniene. Dalia Grybauskaite was inaugurated as Lithuania’s president in 2009 and re-elected in May 2014. She is the country’s first female President and the first to be elected for a second time. Loreta Grauziniene is a Lithuanian Speaker at the Seym and leader of Lithuanian Labour party. Both of these woman take important role in government, they are noticeable in public sphere  and highly connected with mass media.

For this research was being used quantitative and qualitative content analysis, witch is ,,objective, systematic and obvious communication content description research method. <...> Content analysis background- semantic text unit or creation of categories and counting units choice.’’ This data collection method helped to pick out and select reports and to analyse content.  Research instrument- news portal ’’’’ in whitch there were published articles about politicians women: Dalia Grybauskaite and Loreta Grauziniene. The grip was chosen this 2014 year’s February, March, April months. During these months topic about politics was very popular because there was preparation for election to president post and also elections to Seym. To make research more representative and correspond to requestion of quantitative analysis there was picked out analytic categories: ,,Article topic’’, „Visual means’’ and so on. There was made 6 categories.

Firstly along chosen time period of analysed articles been used key words ,,Dalia Grybauskaite’’ and ’’Loreta Grauziniene’’. Secondly, analytical categories  has been made. Finally, 6 categories been picket out. While making analytical categories there has been trying to avoid subjectivity and to get objective data for analysis. Categories helped to analyse quantitative data and lean on theoretical sagacity about woman representation in media and creation of her image there has been used quantitative method- described general features and observations.

Talking about woman in politics we can not forget theory of feminism witch has a big influence for social relationship and gender apprehension change.

Feminism (feminism, according to Latin word femina- woman) (TTŽ, 2008:323) and feminist ideas centuries  make rough discussion through over the world, but on the other hand, not only society but also feminists understands feminism definition not in the same way. Feminism is not only social theory, but also includes social and ideological relationship revolution, which essence changed attitude to gender difference, witch is important because it has a big meaning in political, economic and social relationship between man and woman.

Still M. Wollstonecraft work „A Vindication of the Rights of Woman’’ written in 1792 years is recognised as feminist politics philposophy and held as a background for feminist theory birth (2007).

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