Urban transport in Lithuania

Urban transport in Lithuania.

Working day to 20 trolleybus and 75 bus routes, drives 259 trolleybuses and 252 buses. Saturday respectively 131 trolleybuses and 113 buses, Sundays and holidays - 124 trolleybuses and 120 buses.

Vilnius Public Transport has 185 trolleybuses. The longest trolleybus route is 11th "Antakalnis–Kalvarijų g.–Karoliniškės–Pašilaičiai". Its length is 18.8 km, the journey takes 65 minute. The shortest trolley route - 5th "Žirmūnai–Stotis" (8 km). Journey takes 34 minute. During the day trolleybuses travel for 53,685 kilometres and carry 313,130 passengers. The average speed of trolleybus - 18.5 km.

Minibus is a car designed to transport goods or people. Minibus usually able to carry more than a minivan, but fewer than a bus or truck. Minibus number of seats ranging from 9 to 20 seats. Minibus engine is usually the front and drives the front, rear or all wheels. Lithuania's most popular minibuses Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Lt.

Decreasing the number of passengers - people are more likely to use their own transport, Excessive dependence on public transport timetables - often, the vehicle travel too slowly, and unforeseen obstacles along the way, often delayed over 5 minutes. The lack of intermodal compatibility.

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