Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics.

Reducing storage costs is important to ensure warehouse efficiency because it affects the entire storage system and its ongoing processes. Therefore productivity business need to be monitored on a regular basis for all warehouse operations , an important decision is to use for private or shared use of the warehouse.

Warehouses are one of the most important components of the logistics system, and has significant implications across the logistics chain. In warehouses, there were lots of processes, which are based on shipping and warehouse processes inside and outside of the delivery of goods to the destination. For this purpose, it is necessary for an efficient and effective warehouse administration and management.

• receiving and issuing of warehouse aids identification and control;

• Management of warehouse filling (empty vans full of shelves);

Logistics process executing stores in addition to electronic data processing equipment use is impossible.

Storage system structure is built on a hierarchical principle: Subsystem - block (module) - item (transaction). There is a storage sub-systems: technical-technological, functional and the supporting.

Technical - technological subsystem consists of modules and elements describing the technical and technological structures and building indicators handling equipment composition (can be chosen, depending on the stock handled cargo traffic handling units). The main ones are:

storage method of determining the spatial lay-goods and basic layout of working areas;

cargos according to customers' needs and their preparation for shipment;

The supporting subsystem includes modules to ensure that all warehouse holding effective functioning-communication and computer equipment (information systems), warehouse management structure of the normative legal base.

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