Transport modes system

Transport modes system.

go to Alaska, there to spend the day, and come to London on Tuesday. Transportation improving trade expansion.

Any classification system has subjective symptoms, because it depends the chosen classification criterion. transport system material consists of three parts:

The road - the route which rides, swims or flies transport tool. Roads can be divided into three types -:natural roads, improved roads natural, artificial knees.

Machines Road provides good conditions for the car's maneuverability - Each carrying goods from outside the car other cars. If there are traffic jams, it can go round, change route. Select the optimal transport route used for personal computers and GPS navigation systems. Road can carry a variety of cargo. is created special transport machinery for cement (cementvežiai), wood (a forwarder), oil products (fuel truck, bitumvežiai), food products (ice cream parlors, milk transports) to transport.

River roads. these roads are economical. While operating costs are usually low.

Maritime routes. They are some of the most convenient ways. used for many maritime routes between continents and carrying a lot of cargo and passengers. Can be used for very large vessels.

Air routes. Air routes They can be reached all the continents. The most important advantage - speed, another advantage - Air routes does not depend on the topography conditions, except arrival and departure areas.

National roads. Regional roads roads connecting highways, the territory of the Republic of Lithuania centers of administrative units or connect with each other. Total Lithuania has 132 national roads.

Regional roads. Regional roads shall be roads connecting cities, larger rural residential areas and trunk and regional roads. The total length of regional roads is almost 14627 km and consists of 4348 runs. 6258.12 km of roads consists of asphalt coating, 1.27 km consists of cement coating, 8360.21 km gravel and 7.30 km causeway. Roads with gravel after a little asphalting.

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