Pedicure massage makeup hair styling business plan

Pedicure massage makeup hair styling business plan. University of applied sciences faculty of economics. My company ,, the house of beauty. Full time studies I course group. About company ,, The house of beauty. Human Resources Manager.

To set up a company is required starting capital which is available at the bank loan, credit union or you can use your own funds. Our company borrowed a 7000 euros from bank. We have to return these money in seven years without interests because we used start-ups program.

„Where quality meets service“ - these words guarantee our quality and low-cost services and a 100% reliability.

Our mission statement - to create and foster beauty, providing professional services with quality work and measures to ensure a pleasant service. Each of our client - exclusive.

We are located 9 Gedimino street, Vilnius. We rented an office and our every month rent is 1500 euros. There are 330 m2 space in it. Our company is located in the center, so this place is visited by many people.

Every year our staff members participates in Food Bank and others campaigns.

We use eco-friendly products, which is not harmful to the environment or to humans and are not tested with animals.

Services: our company offer harmony gelish, nails extension, eyelash extensions, swarovski crystal pedicure, body massage, makeup for different occasions, hair styling.

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  • Pedicure massage makeup hair styling business plan
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