Business plan of Massage office

Business plan of Massage office.

Firstly, I explained the service and the main idea. Then continued on my intentions, why I chose this service as a potential to succeed and why I think that it is going to become prospective in the future. Then, talking about motivation, I mentioned points which encourage me to do massage and supply other related services.

Then, I continued on personnel, which would compose the whole organisation chart, explained all the workers specifications, responsibilities of their jobs, and accent how important is to have good communication between head office and workers, maintain friendly environment and good team working, and other things which would be significant in realizing this project.

Furthermore, I introduced financial plan and calculations on predicted quantities, evaluated critically and add other balance sheet in that case if our services will not be so popular as we expected. Schedule of realization of this project was introduces too.

And finally, I continued on the conclusions where I shortly mentioned the main things described in my project and issue of this project.

The main our goal will be to satisfy customers’ needs. As a result, all services must be perfect and all complaints must be considered and solved. To create the best quality services include many things, such as design of interior, additional services.

The credit would be started to repay after one year business excisting. And it will be repaid after 6 year. If the profit will be higher tha it is expected, the loan will be returned in the shorter time period.

Together we will be able to contain about 12 people and cater about 4 - 6 clients (depending on procedures).

We observed other similar companies (SPA centres) and analysed their problems. So, many mistakes can be avoided researching market.

The demand of relaxing and treatment services in Lithuania is growing, what shows that it is needed new suppliers in the market. In my vision, we are going to sell services in Vilnius and later in other towns’ market. First of all, I will try to sell in Vilnius to watch how popular my services would be.

Another point is to assess standing in the market. My as entrepreneur, the main goal is to occupy a huge part of market (especially local market). So, we are planning to concentrate in one market share (treatment and relaxing procedures) in order to become flexible what is needed to satisfy customers’ needs.

Because in the market exist a lot of small and just a few bigger competitors, market structure would be a perfect competition. As a result, overviewing the market it is very important to judge the risk and trade barriers. But about that I will talk a little bit later (see in the section “Description of competitors”).

Moreover, there are many legal things stated by law. So, it is very important to oversee if there are not any changes. As it is perfect competition market, I must assess all difficulties and barriers to enter the market, because there could be made some cartels or economies of scale (even if they are very small). But usually such situation exists in oligopoly and monopoly. So, we expect that no big difficulties to enter the market will appear, because it is a perfect competition market in our point of view. And, also, not forget that it is needed high capital, to assess expensive equipment and strategic actions.

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