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I will found Lithuanian cafeteria where you will have great oppurtunity to try lithuanian food in Porto city.It will be something unusual because lithuanian cuisine is different than Portugues or other world cuisines.This idea is innovative because you can find this kind of thing only in a few europe countries.Even though there are a lot of similar cafeterias in Lithuania but there will be only one like that in Porto city.In this cafeteria I will serve traditional lithuanian food which will make you feel in love with it and style of this cafeteria.When you will take first step into this cafeteria you feel like at your grandmas house because you will eat good food which will make you satisfied and happy.

My company will be individual and will have only one share holder. My company will have „Discover Lithuania“ name and will have no headquerters at the begining only one smal cafeteria in Porto city, in Portugal.The has the legal entity number of 14 workers and the indetification in the social security 1122554479 . The purpose of my company is to make people happy and satisfied with their meals.Capital as I mentioned before my in my company will be only me so the capital can be about 130 000 euros. at the begining the manegment will be belong to me.

Buisness will be small business founded by one person, first of all in my cafeteria will be serve only lithuunian food or food similar to east or north europe food. More over in this cafeteria I will creat diffrent moode than in other cafeterias you was visiting before there you will have oppurtunity to sit down comfortable and enjoy your lunch,dinner and etc.You could chotose from lot of diffrent dishes from main dishes to deserts and etc.

In Porto city you can found lots of cafeterias with diffrent variety of food and diffrent menus for example in some of them you can found lots of dishes made from fish in other ones you can found only Portuguese food, also as well you can go to some chinese or japanese restaurants where you can eat asian food.But In Porto city I never saw something from northern or eastern europen dishes.This would be something new for Porto market.

In this cafeteria will come all ages people. From kids to old people.also as well business mans, working people and etc.

Essence – Lithuanian cafeteria will be that kind of cafeteria who will take care of you and your happiness

Positioning – We insure that our food quility is perfect and might like by everyone

Values and character – I believe in a good food and ofcourse excellent service I stand for the clients comfortability

Value Proposition – Value is very important in services business especally in business where you are serving the food.

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