Cleaning Service Business Plan

Execution Summary. Problem Summary. Solution Summary. Market Summary. Competition. Company overview and team. Financial summary. Funding requirements. Milestones and tractions.Opportunity. Overview. The problems and tractions. Target market. Competition.Execution. Source of competitive advantage. Service. Marketing and sales. Operations. Credit Policies. Assessment of candidates. New Employees. Uniforms. Locations and facilities. Technology. Equipment and tools. Legal. Milestones and metrics. Milestones. Key metrics.Company overview and team. Team. Company overview.Financial plan. Expected revenue. Expected service cost.Appendix.

Because of the pressure and mass of working, most people don’t have time for housework or are unable to have more time doing things they love. Besides, houses lack proper care that means buildings would be deteriorated with faster speeds, dust and smell of mold is unavoidable, which affect health status of the owners. Another issue going hand in hand with this is that cleaning living space takes people the opportunities creating value for money; and to some extent, solving the lack of jobs.

That’s why we are devoted to providing a quality home service marketplace which is accessible by anyone who needs convenient and quick, as well as professional home services. A service that guarantees avoidance from criminal behaviors, working instinctively, lack of enthusiasm and profession. The customers will experience a professional service style, safe-qualified cleaning chemicals and smart support tools.

Our prioritized target customers are high-income and busy people. Most of them are officers who are focus on their jobs and don’t have enough time for house works. Other type of customers are young couples who don’t desire to do house works or cleaning. The similar point of these two groups is that they both enjoy the irregular attendance of staffs.

Besides, with the hotels and restaurants in busy periods, we will supply services to help reduce overloading.

Private companies are also target customers that they need daily cleaning service (external human resource)

In the market, cleaning service is popular. But the competitive point our team cares about is developing professional style to bring the customer high-end experience with an affordable and reasonable price. The price structure is flexible, which bases on specific areas and is divided into packages (number of staff or term of hiring).

Besides, we expand the service to satisfy customers’ needs such as cooking, organization, laundry and nursing. With companies or long-term contracts, the price can be dealt to be reasonable.

Not only competing about pricing but also quality. The company would use eco-chemical products to protect customers’ and staffs’ health, as well as the environment. One takes interest in green life nowadays so emphasis on eco is a strong point.

All our staff must undergo and pass our extensive training program. If there is any bad experience, all our service providers are checked and screened. All tasks are protected by our comprehensive insurance.

With high-tech technology, it is a convenient application to book and accept tasks anywhere at any time. It can be booked a task with flexible and adjustable scheduling.

Our company is young and new, but it isn’t a weak point. Due to the developing process, the energy and confidentiality are higher than ever. Young is an advantage should be appreciated because of the young can grasp the market and understand the trend effectively. We are the development team but also the target customers. Members are officers, students and young people, so it helps easier to guest what should be sold and served.

The team has different characteristics of each person. We have diverse backgrounds; but there are our chances to fulfill the limitations of others and cover a range of aspects. We firmly believe in creating service bases on human experience and standard living.

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