Transportation Logistics Summary

Transportation Logistics Summary.

There are some differences between national and international transportation. First one, and maybe the most obvious one is the documentation. The bills of lading are different in international transport and also they need to have the CMR documents approved. The another different is the distance – in international transport they are highly longer and must cross at least two countries (transit). Also in international transportation the drivers must have ADR in proper language which they are transporting. When freight forwarders are carrying excise goods they must have ADD documentation. Thus, it is also very important to notice that sometimes some size of pallets between different countries can be different.

If I would look from construction perspective, there can be some problems with rail constructions where they are linked with each other. For this reason, there is a possibility to have an accident while transporting large amount of cargos, because of weight the accident can happen. Thus, the freight forwarders must be ensured about high rails quality. Of course, it is not a direct problem for freight forwarders but still, every time they must be sure about that. I would solve this problem as constructing the rail with solid, connection anchorage rails (Minalga, R., p. 46-48)

Every time it is very important to look after about dangerous goods transported order. Freight forwarders must ensure the highest quality while transporting that kind of cargos, al requirements must be fulfilled and they must be followed very carefully. Sometimes, not so experienced freight forwarders can skip some vital requirements and because of that the accident can happen. I would solve this problem like that: if there is a possibility in company, to employ a manager or find a responsible person who can ensure that all requirements are followed.

Emergency situations – fire, leakage, dangerous goods forfeiture, etc. One of the solutions for this issue is to equip freight forwarders all possible emergency stuff and train them how react to stop those emergency situations.

Outsized good transportation – solution: use one more coach or try to split the cargo to smaller pieces that the transportation would be more safe.

Long unloading time – sometimes it can be very big problem, because of that profit can decrease and the company will not avoid this damage. Solution would be really simple – use more terminals for unloading and try not to appear in crush for a lot of freight forwarders at one time (Baublys, A., p. 354-357)

Customs house service time – there are a lot of examples how customs services can take a lot of time and energy to be finished, sometimes the damage for profit can be felt as well. This problem can be very hard to solve but every time efforts must be taken to do this time as short as possible.

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