Paper about logistics company „Baltic transline“

Pictures list. Summary. Introduction. Short history. Dislocation and units. Organisational structure. Employees. Motivation. International relations. Turnover analysis. Swot analysis. Sources of information. Appendices. Figure Company logo. Figure „Baltic Transline“ units in Lithuania. Figure Turnover analysis. Table SWOT analysis.

Road transport: land transport services are carried out in containers and vehicles with an elevator (in Lithuania).

An enterprise named JSC "Artijus" was established in 2000. The enterprise had only several trucks at the time. Yearly this company acquires more and more trucks.

In 2005 the name of the enterprise was changed to "Baltic transline".

Next year 30 more trucks were acquired. And this enterprise became a member of Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts.

A daughter company "Baltic transline Logistic" was established in 2014. (watch 1. Baltic Transline, 2016)

This enterprise you can find in Verslo st. 6, Kumpių village, Kaunas District.

Baltic transline transport logistics company is engaged in various types of full, partial, temperature-demanding and dangerous (ADR class) cargo transportation, transportation on local and international routes. The geographic network of transportation is constantly expanding, therefore, specialists of this logistics company can offer their clients routes from Western Europe to Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries.

Directions of carriage: Central and Eastern Europe, South-eastern Asia, South-western Asia, South Asia. North, South, West and East Africa coasts. North and South America, Australia.

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