Develoment of the Logistics Company „Trailine“

Content. Introduction. Tasks. General info about the company. Structure of the organization. UAB „Trainline“ company business and product portfolio research. Analysis of the company's financial activities. Advantages and disatvantages of the UAB “Trainline“. Measures to improve the development and functioning of the company. Conclusion. Literature.

To examine selected transport company, taking into account the current economic situation of the country and to define the strategic development directions of the company, to substantiate the activity development measures and the conditions of economic implementation.

Find out the services and prices provided by the company.

UAB „Trainline”, established in 2011. Direct agreements concluded with Lithuanian, Belarusian, Russian railways, Klaipeda stevedoring companies and with many forwarding companies in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and other countries allow us to offer customers cargo transshipment services, cargo delivery to / from Western European countries.

Freight transportation by rail with all other wagons - import, export, transit.

Payment of railway (competitive) tariffs via Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

Vision of the company: to strive for the best results and be a leader in the Lithuanian transport and logistics services market.

The freight forwarding company guarantees safe freight transportation in Western and Eastern Europe. The quality of services and service is aimed at:

paying special attention to the fulfillment of committed cargo transportation deadlines and ensuring cargo security by improving the organization of the service process;

fully meeting the expectations of both one-off and regular customers to deliver full or partial cargo to any place in Europe;

to modernize the company's management with the help of information technology and management systems.

Company director and logistics director: are the main representatives of the company. They are responsible for finance, staff recruitment or dismissal, pricing and management of sales (services provided), resolving any problems or conflicts, creating a good working atmosphere and other company activities. Their main activities in the company: planning, organization, leadership, coordination and control. Controls the work of the chief manager and accountant. They themselves liaise with suppliers (carriers) and buyers (customers).

Accountant: is responsible for the company's accounting and financial operations performed through a bank or cashier. Accountants make the necessary proposals as the best financial terms for the company, including meal plans controlled by the company’s budgets.

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