Logistic center GVZ Erfurt

Introduction. Business park Güterverkehrszentrum Erfurt (GVZ). Description and technical characteristics. Development and performance processes. Important GVZ Erfurt location parameters. Members of the GVZ Erfurt. Conclusion. References.

Freight Villages (GVZ) are logistics centers where goods are transshipped between different modes of transport, assembled for cargoes and prepared for transport. Different modes of transport (e.g. road, rail), transport companies (freight forwarders, warehouses), complementary service companies (vehicle service, consulting services) as well as logistics-intensive industrial and commercial enterprises are brought together and networked in this location. The spatial proximity promotes the cooperation and division of labor of the settled companies.

The freight traffic center Erfurt is a network located centrally in Germany, in which 3 economically important traffic carriers (road, rail and airport) are found together. Let’s consider one of logistic centers in the central Germany in largest city in the state of Thuringia, Erfurt: GVZ Erfurt.

GVZ thus fulfill an important function in the processing of politically promoted combined transport and the transfer of long-distance freight transport from road to rail. Co-operation of the established companies enables a higher utilization of truck journeys, especially in the regional area, through synergy effects between the established companies their profitability and service can be improved. Ideally, GVZs should be located near metropolitan areas with convenient access to regional and long-distance transport.

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