Lifosa company history and activity

Lifosa company history and activity.

PRODUCT: Our product is more like service and it includes tourism and free time activities. As far as we know this kind of service is one of first around the Lithuania so this gives free space for opportunities. We analyzed public reaction by research in order to see what kind of thoughts it might cause. Also we consider all expected troubles in this project realization, calculate the initial expenses and the market of that kind of facilities and we decided to try it.

PRICE: After all calculation and estimates we summed up the prise of the „Tour de lifosa“ .This would be a competitive price allows anyone to visit the public company Lifosa and see chemical industry up close. Also we are offering a discount of 15 percent on a tour ticket if there is a minimum group of 8 people.

PLACE: Our service will be taken in geographical center of Lithuania Kedainiai. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Museum of the company, the production facilities, visit the laboratory and fertilizer warehouse and walk around the phosphogypsum mountains which occupy 84 hectares of the total area of the enterprise(292 hectares).

PROMOTION: We are going to create a banner on our website inviting to visit our company. Also we are going to Print this brochure will be distributed to our production sale. All promotional items shall be written in three languages and distributed not only in Lithuania.

Our new business plan is a service. We may draw your attention away from the fertilizer and other chemical things to a more interesting activity. It is called “Tour de Lifosa”. It is not a basic tour around our company. We had added many other activities to make a simple tour to be remembered for a lifetime.

Our main goal is to demonstrate visitors our regard for environment and ability to reach unforgettable phosphogypsum mountains.

First of all, we are planning to introduce people with our activity. Our purpose to show people how our company takes into account the nature. We think that the most important thing is that our customers make change of direction about environmental pollution from our company.

Secondly, we will give an opportunity to reach mountains made of phosphogypsum. There will be waiting you prebooked professional photographer to perpetuate you in an extraordinary environment.

If this service brings the expected profit, we will expand our activities.

Moreover, we are planning to hire more professional employees, and if the project improves our expectations then we will be able to increase that number, because of demand of that kind of service. We will need some guides, photographers and drivers.

The main “Tour de Lifosa” staff contains of guides, photographers and drivers. Guides and drivers will travel together with our customers, and they will be ready to divide all information known to them.

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