Bulk cargoes terminal

Bulk cargoes terminal .

Also there are two railcars, which are capable to handle for railroad wagons at a time.

This means that dry mineral cargoes are carried from rail to ship.

Terminal warehouse complex consists of a five-coated roof arch type warehouses for bulk mineral fertilizers used to collect and store, while general packed cargoes are stored at open yards.

In 2011 the terminal started to produce fertilizer mixtures. Modern equipment allows to produce compound 5 major component of the mixture and add to them special additives.

Cargo turnover didn’t rise all the time. Like I said at first, in company’s first year, there was loaded more than 400 thousand tons of cargo. First three years, terminal improved and cargo turnover raised - until 959 thousands of tons, the same thing happened and from 2005 until 2008. But 2004-2005 and 2008-2009 cargo turnover decreased. In 2005 number fell – there was loaded only 471 thousands of tons, almost 17 % more than in 2002. The first million of loaded cargo in this company was in 2007 – 1 350 187 tons. When showed up the abilities to load freight containers with dry bulk cargo in 2008, number of tons raised and in 2010 this company loaded more than 2.

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