Presentation about company „Milka“

Milka organizational  structure. Milka presentation history.

Content. History. About our products. Packing. Subdivisions. The number of employees. The annual sales turnover. S. W. O. T. Prospects for future activity. Conclusions. Movie. Bibliograpy. Thank You For Your Time!

Company history about our products packing subdivisions the number of employees.

The management structure the annual sales turnover s.w.o.t. prospects for future activity conclusions bibliograpy.

Tablets. Biscuits and Soft Cakes. Exciting Milka Pralines Seasonals Products Featuring Milka Chocolate.

Countries where distribute our products : Bulgaria, Canada Denmark, Estonia,.

We deliver to these such supermarkets in Lithuania : “MAXIMA”, “IKI”, “RIMI”, “PRISMA”, “TAU”, „NORFA“ , “ŠILAS” other shopping centers online store.

France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, United Kingdom United States.

Our company have a lot of divisions in different countries, with various group of people. The number of employees increases every year as our company is expanding. Now in Lithuania we have 396 workers.

WEAKNESSES: Products have a lot of calories Unhealthy image   OPPURTUNITIES: Trying to produce less caloric products. Expansion to other countries growing market.

In future our company is thinking to develop new products – healthy snacks, without added sugar and gluten-free chocolate bar.

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  • Presentation about company „Milka“
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