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My company project. Construction company ,,FERISTA”. The logo of my company. The mission of ,,FERISTA” is. Ferista“ vision. Company values. Main activities of the company. Services provided. History. Customers. My company's employees. Stress. Strategy of economic crisis. The main ideas that will enable company to be successful. Thanks you for your attention!

Construction of buildings; Construction of houses and all finishing works.

Design and construction of individual houses; Document coordination; General and special construction work; Interior and design of residential houses, apartments and offices; Finishing and repair services: full interior decoration.

Since the company was founded, we had a lot of different clients.

In my company work 50 people. Everyone has education in construction. Our employees perform their work well and qualitatively, because they are motivated from the administration side.

From now on, preparations are underway for the economic crisis.

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  • My company project slides
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