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Made by Managing director Assistant manager. Introduction. Aim we want to present our company for you. Who we are? We are public limited liability company “Audimas”. Vision/mission/values. The company’s vision. Our history. "Audimas" was established in 1931 in Kaunas (Lithuania) and opened its own manufacturing facilities. Dislocation, subdivisions/branches. We own 20 retail trade stores in Lithuania. Employees. Today we have a little bit more than 500 employees. Import and export partners. Since we have a reliable network of partners in Lithuania and abroad. Annual turnover. Strengths and weaknesses. Strengths competitive product. Prospects for future activity. Today we are. Thanks for your attention.

Aim: we want to present our company for you, so you will know more about us. Objectives: to present our company, tell you about our history, production, partners, employees and etc.

We own 20 retail trade stores in Lithuania, 1 store in Latvia and 1 store in Ukraina; 10-franchise network in Lithuania; Wholesale trade in Lithuania and wholesale export; Successfully operating clothing and accessories online shop.

Today we have a little bit more than 500 employees. We have various specialties of workers, such as: sewing technologists, gluing technologists, printing technologists, cutting technologists, accountants, printers, gluers, cutters, assemblers, silk screen printers, colorists, marketing managers, logistics managers, collection development managers, sales representatives etc.

Strengths: competitive product price, high-quality products, familiar local market, flexibility, branded store network in Lithuania. Weaknesses: fairly high production cost, undeveloped distribution (90 percent sold in Lithuania).

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