Presentation of company AB „Kauno tiltai“

Introduction. Kauno tiltai - what is it? Main purposes of the company. Main service of Kauno tiltai. KAUNO TILTAI - socially responsible company. Environmental Protection. Social responsibility. Conclusion. Literature.

Objectives AB ,,Kauno tiltai“ aim to present AB ,,Kauno tiltai“

2003: the first projects abroad and privatisation of the company

Fig. 1 Graph show Kauno tiltai turnover during the years from 2010-2016, this six year graph is made by stock exchange. Vertical line from 30-50M to >100M shows EUR stock price, horizontal years from 2010 to 2016. From 2010 to 2011 numbers of companies stayed the same. From 2011 to 2012 sharped increased. From 2012 numbers remained constant.

When we talk about progressive, socially responsible business, nothing can't be taken for granted and there is always a huge risk to fail. But how come this company managed to go so far from the very beginning? Attention to the people, envinronment and positive thinking allowed them to overcome the boundaries and take the lead.

In this review I have fully analyzed the structure of this leading fertilizer manufacturer, excluded its main production branches and reviewed its social awareness aspects, which were likely cruicial for their business success.

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  • Presentation of company AB „Kauno tiltai“
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